12 December 2017

Two further episodes from Season 2, 2.46 [#110] (04.02.99) and 2.48 [#112] (11.02.99) have been added in Missing Episode Downloads

07 December 2017

2.44 [#108] Thursday 28/01/99 review added in Season 2 Episode Guide.

28 November 2017

2.43 [#107] Tuesday 28/01/99 review added in Season 2 Episode Guide.

26 November 2017

New magazine coverage from Season 4's Christmas special added in Press Articles (media) in Features.

17 November 2017

2.38 [#102] Thursday 07/01/99 review added in Season 2 Episode Guide.

08 November 2017

This article from Digital Spy is great on Doctor Who's 97 missing episodes from 1963-69. Here at Diehard, we are currently on our own mission, continuing on from DT's recent 20th anniversary, to locate the missing DT episodes from Season 1 and 2 in 1997-99.

And I'm pleased to say a further set of THREE from S2 in January 1999 have now been added in Missing Episode Downloads taking our count to 39 of 140 located.

These are 2.38 [#102] (07.01.99), 2.43 [#107] (26.01.99) & 2.44 [#108] (28.01.99).

04 November 2017

2.35 [#99] Tuesday 29/12/98 review added in Season 2 Episode Guide.

25 October 2017

2.34 [#98] Thursday 24/12/98 review added in Season 2 Episode Guide.

21 October 2017

As part of their Dream Team Week, long-time DT supporting sports super-site Balls.ie included me for a piece in their 20th Anniversary series of articles "Was 'Dream Team' Actually Good? We Asked The Last True Harchester United Die-Hard". Be sure to check out their Dragon's Lair section for more DT celebration goodness!

Also, added 7.30 and 8.25 in Missing Episode Downloads after being told they were inaccessible elsewhere.

14 October 2017

So... we are here folks DREAM TEAM IS 20 TODAY!! Still a show very much for the fans, there are several celebrations taking place online which we will be posting about here and on Twitter. Here right now, Diehard offers up it's anniversary gift. Missing Episode Downloads has had a bit of a revamp, and what with The Bill, London's Burning and Corrie all getting a repeat of their classic episodes, we thought "Why not Dream Team too?"

How does 36 episodes from Season 1 and 2 sound? That's 19 from S1 and (so far) 17 from S2, which originally aired between October 1997 - December 1998. For placing which episodes are up, each episode listed OPEN in the S1&2 guides are there, with the exception of 1.55 and 1.56 which were taken from written accounts.

Some episodes are omnibus doubles, some triple 3-episodes in one file. And yes, January - May 1999 to complete what's available of S2 will be added over time when I uncover the eps!

Long live the Dragons!

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