16 October 2016

1.48 [#48] Wednesday 25/03/98 reviewed in Season 1 Episode Guide.

08 October 2016

1.47 [#47] Tuesday 24/03/98 reviewed in Season 1 Episode Guide.

30 September 2016

Recently we've been asked was there anything we could do about episodes already online which were being blocked, and was spoiling viewers enjoyment of the show by having to miss episodes/scenes/key chunks of story. So, after being told Season 10 is the main problem for this, we've begun to add our own uncut version of it to Missing Episode Downloads, where you'll find 10.1 already up.

25 September 2016

Added scans in Press Articles (Media) of TV & Satellite Week's May 2006 coverage of DT's Season 9 finale and DT80's premiere.

18 September 2016

1.43 [#43] Tuesday 10/03/98 reviewed in Season 1 Episode Guide.

03 September 2016

Added scans of a new matchday programme in Features: Other Press of Harchester United's charity match with Fisher Athletic London in July 2004.

28 August 2016

1.38 [#38] Wednesday 18/02/98 reviewed in Season 1 Episode Guide.

21 August 2016

Following a request for info we've put together a complete DT Character Death List in Harchester Timeline.

20 August 2016

A further 3 episode synopsis placings for Season 1 (1.31-32 & 1.38) as written in TV Times Magazine in January/February 1998 added in Press Articles (Media).

16 August 2016

Added coverage of TV Times press for DT's first episode in October 1997 in Press Articles (Media).

10 August 2016

Marem Hassler Interview added in Features: Interviews

31 July 2016

Added a further 8 episode synopsis placings for Season 1 (1.45-46, 1.49-50, 1.53-54 & 1.55-56) and two for Season 2 (2.7-8) in Press Articles (Media). All from TV & Satellite Week's listings in March/April and September 1998.

27 July 2016

1.31 [#31] Tuesday 27/01/98 reviewed in Season 1 Episode Guide.

24 July 2016

DT80's Episode 3 added in Missing Episode Downloads.

17 July 2016

DT80's Episode 2 added in Missing Episode Downloads.

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"I think that spirit of female ass kicking carried through on and off set"

Marem Hassler on her Dream Team days playing Pilar Hernandez

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