Abi Fletcher (Rachel Brady) 2002-2004

First Regular Appearance: 6.1 (#261) It Could Be You  Sunday 6th October 2002

Last Regular Appearance: 7.32 (#324) A Matter Of Life And Death  Sunday 16th May 2004

Duration: EP: 261 - 324 ½ SE: 6.1  7.32

Position: Physiotherapy Nurse / Club Physio (2002-2004) / Wife of Karl Fletcher

Last Seen: Watching Harchester finish fourth and qualify for next season's Champions League. Leaves over the summer.



Abi O’Leary grew up in Southern Ireland. She trained in physiotherapy and by spring 2002, when she was in her mid-20’s, was working as a nurse in Harchester General Hospital. It was at this time that Harchester United’s first team squad were involved in a coach crash on the M1, with those who survived being transferred to the local hospital. From here, Abi was assigned to Karl Fletcher and Jamie Parker, and struck up an immediate bond with Karl which, as he recovered, developed into a whirlwind romance. Their attraction to each other was such that Fletch and Abi married before Harchester’s new season had even begun. Shortly afterwards, Abi gets the chance to take up the position of Harchester United’s Chief Physio.




She gets to know the players and people around her at the club, finding a new friend in Tash and remaining a support to Jamie who still struggles to recover from the crash. After a blackmail attempt by her former university pal, and a disastrous stint cooking Christmas dinner for the team, Abi learns with Fletch that manager Patrick Doyle is forcing the ever-vulnerable Jamie into throwing games. Doyle is eventually shown the door, but Abi doesn’t get away from his actions unscathed, as Jamie holds the team hostage on the final day of the season. He accidentally shoots Abi, and while recovering in hospital, the Fletcher’s learn she will never be able to carry a child. Only days later, Abi discovers Lynda Block has had Fletch’s son Louis while serving her prison sentence, and presents Abi with now her only chance to be a mother – by raising Louis whilst she is inside.


Abi, Fletch and Louis are adjusting to being a family when, Harchester’s newly-appointed Chief Executive Pilar Hernandez puts a stop to it by ordering the sale of Fletch. Abi intends to go with Fletch to Saudi Arabia but at the last minute Lynda tells Abi she cannot take Louis there. Abi is heartbroken to watch Fletch leave without her, but with his blessing, Marcel moves in to help out. The following months take their toll on Abi, where being taken for granted by Pilar and Stuart, jeopardising her career for them and missing Fletch all greatly affect her. At her loneliest point on Christmas Day 2003, she and Marcel sleep together, only for Abi to feel desperately guilty and devote herself to Fletch even more. When Fletch returns with a Sheik who will bring much-needed investment to the club, Pilar, desperate to send Karl away before he can become manager and get her fired, reveals Abi’s infidelity. Fletch is heartbroken as he truly loved Abi and resisted temptation himself, but now knows the marriage can’t go on as he can’t trust her. After Fletch returns Louis to Lynda, Abi has lost everything and she returns to her family in Ireland.


Shortly afterwards Marcel comes to find Abi, and persuades her to return to Harchester in order to seek revenge on Stuart and Pilar. Abi knows Pilar pressured Stuart into fixing a game, and when the newly-returned Tash overhears Abi calling Stuart up on this, she wrongly assumes Stuart is doing to Viv Wright what Doyle did to Jamie. When it is revealed what Stuart did, Pilar cuts ties with him and accidentally causes an associate of Sheik Al-Shaziz to think Stuart needs to be silenced! At this time, Abi has finally realised her true feelings for Marcel, but he is targeted in mistake of Stuart who is staying at her house and Abi wakes up to find Marcel dead next to her. Abi is devastated, and after seeing that the truth regarding Marcel’s death is revealed, she leaves Harchester, most likely returning to Ireland.