Campbell Hooper (Dean Holness) 2000-2001

First Regular Appearance: 4.1 (#203)  Sunday 1st October 2000

Last Regular Appearance: 4.26 (#228)  Sunday 15th April 2001

Duration: EP: 203 - 228 | SE: 4.1 – 4.26

Squad Number/Position: #24 (Centre/Right Midfielder) (2000-2001)

Last Seen: With the squad celebrating Champions League qualification, leaves quietly for Aston Villa in a summer transfer.



Billy O’Neill’s replacement in midfield, Campbell Hooper was brought in from Millwall after impressing Ray Wyatt with his progress there along with his England Under-18 appearances. While Campbell himself was greatly excited for a move to the Premier League, his former chairman Theo Paphitis couldn’t be less impressed - accusing Harchester of poaching one of his club’s brightest talents. This is followed by Mr. Paphitis demanding chairwoman Lynda Block pay a £2M fee in compensation.


Campbell is inexperienced when dealing with the attention that comes with playing for Harchester, and forms a close bond with his on-the-pitch partner Wes Kingsley. Not long into his spell with the Dragons however, Wes is sold to neighbouring club Birmingham City as a way of bringing in funds for the compensation pay to Millwall. Wes is happy for the move following team-(not so)-mate Karl Fletcher sleeping with his fiancee Kelly James. Campbell misses his friend, and suffers without his guidance especially where Fletch is concerned. In what is probably his most memorable moment in the series, Campbell is tricked by Fletch into replacing Richard Blackwood at the Black Hair & Beauty Awards - wearing a sickeningly tacky pink suit when he isn’t even needed at the event.


Campbell lodges at Eddie Moliano’s house at the Barrons along with Danny Rawsthorne. The three become firm friends, and Campbell and Danny are worried when Eddie begins dating Maria Kitson, a known gold-digger among just about everyone at Harchester (even Victoria Baptiste!). Despite their best efforts to show him otherwise, Eddie refuses to listen and falls out with his housemates. It takes him to get his heart broken by the schemer before Eddie realises what good friends he has.


The rest of Campbell’s season sees him contributing to a third-place finish and a Champions League gain for the Dragons. That summer, Sam Irving becomes Harchester United’s new chairman, appointing Alan Rothman as Ray Wyatt’s replacement. Rothman is desperate to bag Aston Villa’s Stevie Shaw, and sees Campbell as a way of getting his man. Ultimately Campbell and Stevie swap clubs, with Campbell leaving for the next stage of his career at Villa.


Dean Holness got the chance to mirror real life with fantasy, and left Dream Team to forge a career as a professional footballer, playing first for Southend United and then onto Fisher Athletic and Banstead Athletic.