Chelsea Wright (Karen Ferrari) 2004-2005

First Regular Appearance: 7.15 (#307) Baptism Of Fire  Sunday 11th January 2004

Left: 8.7 (#331) The Long Kiss Goodnight  Sunday 28th November 2004

Returned: 8.16 (#340) Gambler’s Ruin  Sunday 6th February 2005

Last Regular Appearance: 8.17 (#341) Purple Reign  Sunday 13th February 2005

Duration: EP: 307 - 331, 340 - 341 ½ SE: 7.15 – 8.7, 8.16 – 8.17

Occupation: Acting Agent (2003-2004) / Studs Manager (2004-2005)

Last Seen: On the phone to Viv from the Maldives telling him to expect divorce papers soon.



Chelsea always had a thing for bad boys. For her parents, it was their worse nightmare the day she brought Vivian Wright home, someone they would never see as suitable son-in-law material. The two married in 1997 when Chelsea was twenty and Viv a year older, a promising young goalkeeper. With Viv’s agent Frank taking control of his professional matters, Chelsea was Viv’s main personal support, which wasn’t easy with his obsessive, constant need for perfection and occasional one night stands. Then, in October 2003, Viv earned his notorious nickname of Jaws when he bit off the nose of an opposing player, which ended his time at Middlesbrough and nearly his game. With this, Frank walks away from Viv leaving Chelsea to take the job of representing her husband full time.


With nobody wanting to touch Viv following the Middlesbrough incident, he and Chelsea are intrigued when Viv’s former Nottingham Forrest team mate, and now Harchester United manager Stuart Naysmith pays a visit, wanting to sign Jaws as permanent first-team goalkeeper. Being in dire financial woes, the club cannot afford Viv’s fee, and Chelsea is soon against the idea when chairwoman Donna Connelly tries to persuade Viv to sign through seduction. It takes Donna to make up for her misdemeanour by convincing Luke Davenport, and through him the rest of the team, to take a pay cut for Viv’s signing and he comes to the club.


For her birthday, Viv buys Chelsea Studs nightclub, but this gets off to a bad start when Chelsea flirts with Curtis, resulting in Viv launching a urinal onto his foot in a rage. This reckless behaviour, on top of his frequent loss of control and the suspicion she would have an affair with Stuart, leaves Chelsea feeling she can take no more and she runs away to her parents. Viv becomes seriously unstable while Chelsea is away, and when he agrees to therapy Chelsea agrees to give their relationship another chance.


When Harchester are relegated to the Championship, Viv and Chelsea plan a move to Bolton. When this is scuppered by Eli Knox, Dean Boyle asks Chelsea if she could be a support to an isolated Ryan, down following his dad’s departure and subsequent leg brake. Chelsea finds new excitement with England International Ryan and comes to realise she is stuck in a loveless marriage. The two begin an affair, but knowing the danger of Viv finding out means they can never openly be together. Ryan says he will give up everything and run away with Chelsea to the Maldives. The two make it to the airport, but Chelsea realises she could never make Ryan abandon his career and makes the decision to slip away alone.


When Viv discovers Chelsea’s affair, a despicable lie from Ryan that Clyde Connelly was Chelsea’s lover, and how her leaving caused his suicide leaves Chelsea humiliated and she remains furious with Ryan. After Viv goes missing, Danny Sullivan and Tyson buy Studs from Chelsea for Ryan as a birthday present – bringing an ironic full-circle on the tale.