Cindi Marshall/Moody (Jessica-Jane Clement) 2005-2007

Guest Appearance: 8.12 (#336) This Town Ain't Big Enough...  Sunday 9th January 2005

First Regular Appearance: 9.8 (#364) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?  Sunday 4th December 2005

Temporary Departure: 9.10 (#366) ‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly  Sunday 18th December 2005

Returned: 9.23 (#379) Il Postino  Sunday 26th March 2006

Last Regular Appearance: 10.32 (#419) The Final Whistle Part 2  Sunday 3rd June 2007

Duration: EP: 336, 364 - 366, 379 - 419 ½ SE: 8.12, 9.8 – 9.10, 9.23 – 10.32

Position: Dragonflies Cheerleader (2005-2006) / Model / Wife of Gavin Moody

Last Seen: Watching from the stands as Harchester face Chelsea for the Title bid. Pregnant with Gavin’s child.



Cindi’s mother ran a hostel that housed members of Harchester United’s youth team, one of which was Gavin Moody. Cindi knew Gavin was going places, but she wasn’t going to be just another “Footballer’s Wife”. Which was why as Gavin succeeded through the youth team, Cindi earned her place in The Dragonflies, HUFC’s cheerleading troop. In 2005 when she was eighteen, Gavin made his move to the first team which also meant new opportunities for Cindi.

Introduced to Gavin’s team mates, Cindi is excited when Eugene offers Gavin £100K for his place in the upcoming £1M Cup game. Gavin is hesitant as it should be his professional debut, but Cindi accepts the money anyway. After naively getting involved with Paul Hankin, in which she blabs of the whole Eugene debacle, Cindi makes two enemies of Lynda Block and Chloe Tyler. Chloe, with her eye on representing Gavin, wants rid of Cindi for his career’s sake. Cindi is offered five thousand pounds to leave Gavin, but after being showered with gifts from her boyfriend, tells Chloe it will cost her double to make her go. At the Christmas party, Cindi, feeling unappreciated finds common ground with Ryan, and the two make out in the dressing room. They have a near miss when Gavin comes down, and Ryan has to listen as he proposes to Cindi.

A few months later at Gavin’s stag-do-hunting-trip, the team learn what Ryan did with Cindi, and force him to admit all to Gavin. Cindi gets off pretty lightly as Gavin separates from her temporarily, while Ryan ends up having his dog shot dead! Gavin gets back with Cindi and the two marry as planned, only this takes place in private with the Grange’s staff as the only guests, after Ryan decks Gavin at the alter.

When Tony Franks takes over representing Gavin, Cindi sees it as a chance to get them the public image other football ‘power couples’ receive. Heading up Brand Moody, Cindi’s modelling career takes on a life of it’s own, with FHM and sinister Jonathan Freddericks’ casino all featuring her. She and Gavin go through more ups and downs - the betrayal of her so-called friend, the money-grabbing Silver, then the loss of Cindi’s dream home ‘Belle Moody’ due to Gavin’s secret gambling with Miguel Lopez and Sean Campbell.

But their biggest challenge as a couple came when Danny Sullivan in the online guise of Dragonslayer came between them to convince Gavin Cindi would have an affair. This came at the precise moment Cindi’s pregnancy was discovered by Gavin, and he doubted whether the baby was his. Gavin comes to realise Cindi wouldn’t have cheated again after Ryan, and she is present to watch him play his part in Harchester’s historic match against Chelsea for the title.