Clyde Connelly (Tim Smith) 2002-2004

First Regular Appearance: 6.13 (#273) Cold Turkey  Sunday 5th January 2003

Last Regular Appearance: 8.8 (#332) Blame  Sunday 5th December 2004

Duration: EP: 273 - 332 ½ SE: 6.13 – 8.8

Squad Number/Position: #30 (Attacking Midfield/Striker) (2002-2004) / (Centre Midfield) (2004)

Last Seen: Jumping to his death in turmoil from the Dragons Lair roof, then zipped in a body bag.



Harchester United had always been Clyde’s only team; from academy, through to youth team and finally, on Boxing Day 2002, he made his first team debut - a lucky break following several members being struck by Christmas dinner food poisoning. Following this, Clyde, along with Bobby Thompson, gets his professional contract and is snapped up by Tash Parker. Being so inexperienced in this new world of the Premiership, Clyde’s naivety regarding the media sees him become the puppet of manipulative journalist Suzanne Simmons ("Sunday Star")!


The youngest of the team, Clyde finds a best friend in Ryan Naysmith and they are soon flatmates. After scoring the winning goal against Everton which saves Harchester from relegation, Clyde ends up in a three-way battle for ownership of the club, after Ryan swipes his complimentary tickets to give his blackmailer Steve. Clyde is determined to become Harchester’s youngest ever chairman, but the media attention once again goes to his head. He joins leagues with Donna, who is challenging his claim to the club, and after making a public spectacle of himself Stuart suspends him - just as Clyde is marrying Donna in Las Vegas! Realising that being respected as a player was far more important than being a flashy media ploy, Clyde drops his claim and concentrates on his fitness-building again.


Donna is disappointed when Clyde is spending less time with her, and sleeps with Curtis, which is then revealed by Tony Boyle on television! Clyde finishes with Donna, which is made all the worse when she becomes Chairwoman and Clyde cannot get that dreamed move to Spurs. After a pummelling from Curtis and being an unwilling accomplice to Viv robbing a jewellers, Clyde is excited again when Spurs get in touch following Harchester’s liquidation. Donna gets Clyde back for the team though - by bedding him and otherwise threatening an exclusive on their latest encounter.


As Harchester celebrate making the Champions League, Clyde is one of the first to get the news that the team has been relegated to the Championship. Clyde meets his worst enemy in new manager Don Barker, who is no fan of Clyde’s position on the pitch or his attitude. With Ryan having less time for him, Clyde finds better friends in newcomers Tommy Valentine, agent Sofia Moxham and trainee physio Holly, who do their best to help Clyde in his mission of getting back to the Premier League. Barker takes great pleasure in the fact that nobody in the top flight wants to touch Clyde anymore, and when Clyde takes on Barker’s son-in-law Frank Stone (who is looking just as bad as Clyde in the team), Frank flips and beats Clyde up.


Clyde again tries to fight back at Barker and Stone, but Don is one step ahead and manipulates things to show an innocent situation with a lapdancer as the reason Clyde’s form has been bad lately. Seemingly trapped in a league he hates, with a manager and a team he believes hate him, Clyde sinks even further into depression, and nearly attacks Holly. She suspected all was not right with Clyde, and when she finds a letter from him apologising for what happened, goes to approach him. Little does she know at that moment, following an almighty comeback on the pitch against PSG, Clyde is climbing the gantry to the roof of the club. Deciding to end his own life, Clyde stands on the edge and glides forward to his death.


Understandably, Clyde’s mother demands answers as to why her son was made to feel the way he was, and gets the truth with Holly’s letter. Sadly, that truth is later distorted by Ryan, when selfishly saving himself following his affair with Chelsea, puts the blame on his former friend and leaves the world believing it was Mrs Wright ending things that pushed Clyde over the edge.


Clyde’s age had been (probably unintentionally) altered by the time he died - he was seventeen in his first season in 2002/03, eighteen the following season, but said to be born in 1983 on his grave and memorial plaque in Dec 04. His final age of twenty-one was believed to be due to Tim Smith’s own age at the time.


Tim Smith's Interview with Dream Team Diehard (January 2013)