Curtis Alexander (Chucky Venice) 2002-2005

First Appearance: 5.16 (#244) Please Release Me  Sunday 13th January 2002

Left: 5.17 (#245) We Are Family  Sunday 20th January 2002

First Regular Appearance: 6.1 (#261) It Could Be You  Sunday 6th October 2002

Last Regular Appearance: 8.32 (#356) Play Off  Sunday 29th May 2005

Duration: EP: 245 - 246, 261 - 356 ½ SE: 5.16 – 5.17, 6.1 – 8.32

Squad Number/Position: #9 (Striker) (2002-2005) / Acting Manager (2004)

Last Seen: Forgiving best friend Dean Boyle, before perishing with the team when Don Barker crashes his car into the coach. 



As a child, Curtis’ father would take he and his older brother Linton to watch Charlton at The Valley. After seeing them promoted at Selhurst Park to the First Division in 1986, 11-year-old Curtis decided they would be the team he'd one day play for - a proud dream he carried throughout his career. Curtis stayed close to Charlton, befriending one of its hottest youth team talents Eugene Christie. Then in 1999, Paris Saint-Germain manager Patrick Doyle came in for Curtis and he made a move to the French side, playing alongside Marcel Sabatier.


Curtis first became involved with Harchester United in January 2002, when Monday Bandele made an approach, only Curtis’ terms were that Linton came with him. Linton signed, but then Curtis deliberately backed away, revealed as a plot to get his troubled brother back at a professional club. This ultimately cost Monday his position as manager, which he resented Curtis for.


Linton died in the coach crash at the end of that season, and with Patrick now manager at Harchester, he brings Curtis and Marcel in for the 2002-03 season. Curtis comes from a fantastic 23-goal-season with PSG, but his form is affected in Harchester when he is falsely accused of rape, and tries to get together with Nikki who had been previously hurt by Linton. The Semi-Final of the FA Cup saw Curtis miss a penalty kick, but he makes it up and sees the Dragons survive relegation.


When superstar Luke Davenport is signed from Barcelona, Curtis’ skill and morale is affected once more, and he considers a move to Sheffield Wednesday. He meets Grace, the new receptionist, and she gives him the strength to believe in himself once more. However, when Grace has to put her job before him, the old Curtis comes out again and he has a drunken encounter with Donna Connelly, Clyde’s wife. When revealed, Grace finishes with him and a taunting from Clyde leads to Curtis beating his team mate up. His good friend Stuart is there to give him reassurance, and Curtis decides to become a new person by getting baptised.


Worst comes to the worst when Harchester are liquidated, and teaming up with Dean, he and Curtis push to get the scheduled game against Charlton played. Harchester survive when the team agree to play unpaid until the end of the season, and Curtis’ passion in the campaign sees him retain the captaincy. Harchester make the Champions League, and although relegated to the Championship, Curtis spends this period in charge as caretaker manager.


With the arrival of Eli Knox as Chairman, Dean is forced to betray Curtis and scupper his dream move to Charlton. And new manager Don Barker causes Curtis to fight for hold of the captaincy, something Curtis wins at Boot Camp, but he is later disgusted when Frank is awarded the role by his father-in-law - for only Curtis knows Stone is secretly bisexual. Under pressure from Don, Curtis reveals the truth, which Barker harshly makes him repeat in front of his daughter, Jodie. Curtis goes about trying to leave, which Don puts a stop to by setting Curtis up to be spiked so no club will want him. When Paul Hankin gets hold of the Frank story, Curtis outs Frank to save himself, and Viv Wright, now in the managerial role, tells Curtis he has failed as a captain to protect his players.


The team make the Play Offs, and head to Cardiff where they win promotion back to the Premiership. Dean, who Curtis had fallen out with over the revelation he and Barker used pre-planned racism to get a match replayed in their favour, is forgiven by his best mate, and the two board the coach with the rest of the celebrating team. One-man-crime-wave Don Barker has been at it again though - hiding the now-discovered body of Karl Fletcher in his car. Knowing he couldn’t face prison, Barker chooses to end it all and drives his car laden with petrol canisters into the bus, exploding on impact and killing Curtis and everyone on board.


Curtis is fondly remembered by the club thereafter, and his mother makes regular appearances at memorial and charity events whenever they take place.