Darren Tyson (Darren White) 2003-2007

First Appearance: 6.16 (#276) The Dark Side  Sunday 26th January 2003

Last Regular Appearance: 10.32 (#419) The Final Whistle Part Two  Sunday 3rd June 2007

Duration: EP: 276 - 419 ½ SE: 6.16 – 10.32

Squad Number/Position: #31 (Left/Right/Centre Defender) (2003-2007)

Last Seen: Out injured because of Sully, watching the Final from the bench, with the ghost of Fletch unknowingly beside him.



Tyson, or Tys as he was known to his team mates, was brought in from West Bromwich Albion. First seen playing Birmingham Reserves, Tys' inclusion to the first team came following Robbie Walsh's departure to Brighton. He was also the last signing to be made by Patrick Doyle before his sacking in February 2003.


Like his team mate Danny Sullivan, Tyson was an important, yet overshadowed member of the squad during his first few seasons. Present for the Dragons reaching the FA Cup Final, Champions League qualification and promotion back to the Premier League following their relegation. It was at the 2005 Play Off Final in Cardiff that Tyson, along with Danny and Ryan Naysmith, were the only team survivors of the coach explosion. The three are badly affected by the loss of their friends, but out of it form a personal bond and play on for the club through respect of their team mates.


Tys is always on hand for his friends when they need him; with Ryan he helps reunite Danny with Amy after their affair is exposed and a depressed Danny feels as though he’s lost everything. But when Ryan sleeps with, then frightfully pesters Gavin Moody’s fiancée Cindi, Tyson knows he has gone too far and allows Ryan to be taught a harsh lesson for his behaviour. While Eugene grieves for his brother following Casper’s death, Tyson moves into the up front position just in time for the team’s return to Cardiff for the FA Cup Final. It is a special game for Tys, scoring two of the winning goals against Arsenal which saw the Dragons lift the Cup for the first time since 1999.


Alex Rose keeps Tyson in this up front role, until the signing of Miguel Lopez allows Tys to return to his natural position as Defender. Tyson always got on well with Gavin and Cindi, helping Gav when he was concerned about the risqué nature of his wife’s modelling shoot. Yet he never imagined waking up next to the glamorous Mrs Moody after a night out with the lads celebrating a League win. While Gavin, Miguel and Sean carry on alone, a tipsy Tys mistakenly picks up Gavin’s house keys and unknowingly climbs into bed with Cindi, she too not noticing her husband has acquired new dreadlocks!


When Danny’s career is ended through injury, he develops an unhealthy obsession in bringing Jimmy Craig down, and sets out to stop the team succeeding under him. Danny is good at hiding his plans from those who think they know him, including Tyson. When Tys is injured from a fall caused by the deliberate tampering of the shower floors, he would never imagine his good friend Sully could be responsible. Danny’s actions cost Tyson his place in the all-important League Final, a role Tys had been determined to play in memory of his team mates lost at the Millennium Stadium, so leads his own tribute in prayer at the team’s meal before kick-off.


With Harchester on course to beat Chelsea and win the title for the first time in 21 years, Danny’s petrol pouring ignites a fire as Tyson watches the game from the bench. How would he react to finding out Dragonslayer was his oldest friend - and the man responsible for causing him to be injured and putting the lives of so many in danger?


Darren White's Interview with Dream Team Diehard (April 2012)