Dean Hocknell (Darren Morfitt) 1997-1998

First Regular Appearance: 1.1 (#1)  Tuesday 14th October 1997

Temporary Departure 1: 1.38 (#38)  Wednesday 18th February 1998

Return 1: 1.48 (#48)  Wednesday 25th March 1998

Temporary Departure 2: 1.64 (#64)  Wednesday 20th May 1998

Return 2: 2.6 (#70)  Thursday 17th September 1998

Last Regular Appearance: 2.7 (#71)  Tuesday 22nd September 1998

Duration: EP: 1 - 38, 48 - 64, 70 - 71 ½ SE: 1.1 – 1.38, 1.48 – 1.64, 2.6 – 2.7

Squad Number/Position: #22 (Striker) (1997-1998)

Last Seen: Manhandling Natalie away from Lynda’s concern, and back to Turkey after becoming a wife-beater.


The first son of 1970's Dragons’ legend Ken “Sammy” Hocknell, Dean arrived from Newcastle as a teenage apprentice. His mentor and father's old team mate Frank Patcham was so impressed with his skill that soon Dean was awarded captaincy of the youth team. The Hocknell brothers are then in the Harchester youth team together when Sean joins him at the digs run by Des and Lynette Baker.


In October 1997 Dean is given the news by Frank that he is moving up to the First Team, and be managed by Ron Atkinson. Although throwing up with nerves before taking his seat on the bench against Chelsea in the Coca-Cola Cup 3rd Round, Dean scores on his debut to the joy of Frank and his daughter Lucy, whom Dean happens to be dating. When Lucy misses celebrating Dean’s debut that night at Studs, he ends up making out with Georgina on the boardroom table at Addison Road. Unbeknownst to them both, the security officer records their liaison and a tape of the ‘boardroom session’ later finds it’s way to the press.


Dean is desperate to ditch Georgina before Lucy learns of her existence, even more so when Georgina is revealed to be Chairman Michael Jacobs' daughter, and having just celebrated her sixteenth birthday was underage when Dean slept with her. Dean concentrates on his playing career and Lucy, finding a flat for them to move in together and the two become engaged at the club's Christmas party. But his indiscretions with Georgina come back to haunt him when he learns the tape of the two has found it's way to Fleet Street.


The weekend Dean signs his professional contract with Harchester is an eventful one! After scoring, and then getting sent off against Leicester City, Dean is squirming in his seat when Michael plays the infamous tape on the team coach home! Dean is forced to come clean to Lucy, who treats the viewers to her fiery temper and finishes with him. Michael has his revenge by moving in on Lucy and slyly reveals all to Dean, before stating he is contracted to Harchester for the next five years and plans to make his life hell. It turns out to be five minutes, as Michael dies from a heart attack and after Georgina miscarries Dean's baby, Stephanie Jacobs sends him on loan off to Italy.


When Dean returns the following month, he has a new look about him with a shaven head - and a fiancée in Natalie Moore. Sean is immediately taken with Natalie, before learning she is due to wed his brother, though Natalie goes ahead with her wedding to Dean. In June 1998 new chairman Jerry Block transfers Dean to Galatasaray and he and Natalie leave Harchester.


Two months later Natalie makes a suspicious return to Harchester alone. She finds a friend in Lynda Block, who notices Natalie has bruises. When Dean returns to collect his wife, Sean has no idea what his brother has been doing, until after he has already persuaded Natalie into returning to Turkey with Dean. Sean gets to see the damage for himself when Natalie returns once again, this time seriously ill and pregnant with Dean’s baby. It is learnt that Dean’s new life in Turkey had put him under pressure and he'd begun beating Natalie. Although Natalie admits she does want to be with Sean, the two do not stay together.

Just over a year later, Sean is killed in a plane crash when flying back to Harchester from a game against Ajax in The Netherlands. Dean felt especially guilty as Sean was struggling and had tried to contact him shortly before, but didn't speak with him. After the memorial, Dean meets up with his former Harchester team mate and Sean's best friend Fletch, handing him the video the two made of the FA Cup Final day, which ultimately showed Jerry Block plotting to have Luis Amor Rodriguez assassinated.