Denise Wilkinson (Joanna Monro) 1998-1999

First Regular Appearance: Either 2.2 (#66) or 2.3 (#67)  Thursday 3rd / Tuesday 8th September 1998

Last Regular Appearance: 2.76 (#140)  Thursday 20th May 1999

Duration: EP: 66 / 67 - 140 ½ SE: 2.2 / 2.3 – 2.76

Position: Canteen Manager (1998-1999)

Last Seen: Yelling at son Alex for his actions, which most likely end her job at the club and relationship with Frank.


Denise was manager of the club's canteen during Harchester United's last few years at Addison Road. She was a lone parent to a teenaged son, Alex, who was persistently in trouble with the law and often away in a young offenders institute. By the time Alex reached an age where his next offence would land him in prison, Denise was trying hard to keep her son on the straight-and-narrow. She asked long-time friend and Alex's former coach Frank Patcham if he would watch him play at the home to regain his place in the youth team upon his release shortly. Frank could see Alex had talent, and with a soft spot for Denise he agreed to a three week trial.


Alex doesn't stay out of trouble however, and when fellow youth teamer Hari Lal goes missing after a campaign of bullying led by Alex, Denise forces her son to find Hari and own up to his actions. Denise and Frank grow closer and are soon an official couple, spending Christmas together where Alex makes his first team debut away to Charlton. He is soon courting trouble again, and involved with drugs stands by as his so-called friend Adi is thrown out of the youth team, before drugging rival Leon Richards. Here, Denise catches Alex hiding drugs in her and Frank's home, but unable to report her son, holds onto the drugs and warns Alex if there's anymore in the hostel she will tell Frank everything.


Denise is happy when Alex starts seeing Clare, the mother of Leon's baby son Clayton, and gives Clare a job in the canteen alongside Julie and Kelly. Leon is not happy when Denise allows Alex to look after Clayton, and she and Clare arrive home to find Leon on top of Alex punching him. Denise and Clare believe Leon is the problem, but when Leon takes Clayton away leaving Clare distraught, Denise listens in as Julie tries to convince Clare Leon's concerns are serious enough for him to miss playing in the FA Cup Final at Wembley. Billy gets through to Denise, on how Alex had threatened Clayton if Leon went to the final, and knows she has to talk to Frank.


Denise takes Leon to the team hotel where the squad are about to play at Wembley. She gives the drugs to Frank, revealing how she knew Alex had hidden them in their house and had drugged Leon, destroying the trust between she and Frank. When Luis drops Alex from the team, awarding his place to Leon, Alex holds his mother responsible for finishing him at Harchester, while showing no concern about everything he has cost her.