Eddie Moliano (Ed Sanders) 1999-2001

First Regular Appearance: 3.1 (#141)  Tuesday 21st September 1999

Last Regular Appearance: 4.26 (#228)  Sunday 15th April 2001

Duration: EP: 141 - 228 ½ SE: 3.1 – 4.26

Squad Number/Position: #27 / #6 (Left Centre Midfield) (1999-2001)

Last Seen: After the club's Champions League qualification, making up with Fletch and noticing his suspicious hand injury.



The third of four children born into an Italian-English family, Eddie’s path to becoming a professional football player was planned out before he was old enough to kick a ball. His father had played in his native Italy, and the two older Moliano brothers were also involved in the game. Eddie progressed through the youth academy at Crystal Palace, and made his debut for the first team in the 1995-96 season. His potential for the Premier League was evident during the following season, as Eddie’s input guaranteed promotion to the top flight for the First Division club. When the club was relegated, there was no way Eddie would be going back with them, and was signed by Harchester in July 1999 for a fee believed to be between £250,000-500K.


Picking up a knee injury meant Eddie wasn’t available for immediate selection, which gave him the time to show off his natural fun and excitable side. He got on best with team mate Scott Lucas and PR Agency owner Ann Patterson, though the two becoming an item and Scott suffering a crisis in his personal life put an end to their laddish double-act. That and Scott pulling Eddie’s little sister Gina didn’t help, unaware she is only sixteen years old!


Eddie soon finds a sidekick again with the return of Karl Fletcher, and just with Scott before, he becomes the cocky back-up to the bolder, more upfront leader in Fletch. After a lukewarm first season in terms of pitch success, Eddie played his part in Harchester keeping it’s Premiership place with the final match against Spurs.


Into his second season, Eddie gets into trouble with Jamie Parker when the two unintentionally don’t return a car they are test driving and end up in a chase with police. Continuing to neglect his skill for his life off the pitch, Ray felt he had little use for Eddie, especially with Danny Rawsthorne working well in the squad. Queens Park Rangers are willing to take Eddie on loan, but his form is no better and soon he is back in Harchester without a place in the team. Still only twenty-five, Eddie knew he hadn’t seen his best days as a player already, and realised he had to put the work in if he wanted selection again.


He thought he’d found the solution with the return of Maria, a girl Eddie had previously come across when Campbell and Danny threw a party at his house. With Maria, Eddie’s game improved greatly and he gained his place back in the team, while believing he had found the girl of his dreams. Campbell and Danny were worried however, knowing how Maria and her spooky friend Donna had previously been out to snare rich footballers. It seemed everyone could see through Maria but Eddie - even Victoria Baptiste thought she was a gold-digging tart! Eddie’s friends tried to warn him about Maria, even presenting an article of a disguised Maria when she sold a story on a previous love-blind victim. Maria showed her true colours when she admitted to Eddie she couldn’t marry him and was going to Australia with Donna.


Eddie was heartbroken and wanted out of Harchester, but not before ending his time with the Dragons on a high, by featuring in the side that qualified for the Champions League. Over the summer transfer period, FC Jazz came in with a loan offer and Eddie left for Finland, with the move later being made permanent.


In 2004 Fletch began a relationship with Gina, and upon their return to Harchester that Christmas, it is learnt that Eddie had married a Finnish model and was the father to young children.