Felix Hahn (Joachim Raaf) 2005-2006

First Regular Appearance: 9.1 (#357) Phoenix From The Flames  Sunday 16th October 2005

Last Regular Appearance: 9.13 (#369) Unleash Hell  Sunday 15th January 2006

Duration: EP: 357 - 369 ½ SE: 9.1 – 9.13

Position: Manager (2005-2006)

Last Seen: Leaving for his children’s sake, following Amy’s accusations and before the owner can destroy his life further.



Felix was born in Duisburg, where he showed tremendous talent as a player from schoolboy level. Evidently so at the age of eighteen he played a part in the national side’s World Cup win in 1974. In his position as right back, Felix had successful stints at Borussia Munchengladbach and Heerenveen. After his career came to an end in his late twenties, Felix set in motion his personal vision for managing a team, and won the Championship with Swedish side Malmo before spending five years at PSV Eindhoven.


He took an instant liking to Ashleigh King upon being introduced in 2003, while on her third-year work placement at Ajax, but being a heavy drinker. Despite having a wife and two young sons, Felix kept them apart from Ashleigh, and it was his input which prevented his new lover being fired and instead promoted to the Holland club's coaching staff.


At the end of his current contract with Bayer Leverkusen in the summer of 2005, Felix received an offer from the new unknown owner of Harchester United to take the vaccant manager's position. It was to be a unique task - rebuilding a Premier League team from scratch following the loss of the squad at the previous season’s close, and Felix brings Ashleigh along to work as his fitness coach. Although Felix is a wonderful appointment to a club desperately in need of hope, his strings are constantly pulled by his mystery boss; his first instruction is to sign the warring Rose brothers, while he is lumbered with Liam Mackay, a player he never wanted, after his agent fiancée Chloe Tyler threatens to wreck the Casper/Eugene deal otherwise.


With the trouble caused by the Rose brothers’ off-on pitch antics, and the team winning just one of their four opening matches, Felix orders a training game, putting Ashleigh and Alex Dempsey in charge of either side. Despite showing great determination, Felix still sees Liam as Championship material not worthy of a first team place. It takes Liam to carry out his own mission of continued sprinting along the Dragon's Lair pitch, putting his health in danger, before Felix comes to respect Mackay.


When Katrin, Felix’s wife, arrives with their sons, Ashleigh discovers she isn’t the only one he has been hiding away, with the manager having slept with Amy and come onto Lynda. The relationship with Ashleigh is revealed when the two are caught up in Eugene and Marlon’s fake million-pound robbery, and following this, Felix is comfortable to go public with Ashleigh, and prepares to move her into his home at the Barrons. However, this is the precise moment the faceless-being that is the owner calls time on Hahn’s days with the Dragons. Felix always knew he would have to leave when told, but wasn’t expecting it to be at a time when he is having steady success at Harchester.


When he decides to go against the owner and expresses his will to stay, Amy, who is working as Dragonscorp's eyes and ears at the club, does their dirty work for them in shutting Felix out of the club. When he confronts her about this, Amy tears her dress before Lynda and a group of sponsors come in to hear her claim Felix attacked her. It is dark days ahead for Felix as the media chase him over the lurid allegation, and almost all of the team turn against him. He has Chloe on his side however, and it is she who discovers Amy is having an affair with married captain Danny Sullivan, and gives it to Paul Hankin to publicly expose Amy.


Lynda tells a vindicated Felix she wants him to stay, but having seen what lengths the owner will go to, Felix has had enough and realises his sons are more important to him, leaving to return to Germany. We do not hear what his reaction is when it is revealed Casper Rose was the owner all along.