GaryPeggsyPeggs (Luke Waite) 2001-2002

First Regular Appearance: 5.1 (#229) Passports Out  Sunday 16th September 2001

Last Regular Appearance: 5.20 (#248) Broken Dreams  Sunday 10th February 2002

Duration: EP: 229 - 248 ½ SE: 5.1 – 5.20

Squad Number/Position: #23 (Right Midfield) (2001-2002)

Last Seen: Being transferred from hospital to his parents’ in Spain, to continue treatment for spinal injuries he’d suffered.



From an early age, Gary Peggs was given the nickname "Peggsy" due to his father being ex-England International Jimmy Peggs. Due to his father's status, it was no surprise that Gary headed down the same path, within a short space of time securing his place in Harchester's youth academy. Gary's dedication to his game and obediency led to him captaining the Youth Team at the age of eighteen, by this time getting noticed by new first team coach David Spears. It is David's insistence that persuades the tough and stubborn Alan Rothman to offer Gary a professional contract, and he joins the first team.


Gary's sister Nikki, who is three-and-a-half years older than him, is also at the club working as Team Co-ordinator, and while Rothman is in charge, Peggsy is little more than a substitute and made to clean up after the 'big boys.' Not to mention being given humiliating tasks while the team are set to play their first Champions League match, such as "babysitting" Jamie (to keep him from gambling) and murder-suspect Fletch (to stop him doing a runner). Though upon Alan's early departure, David gets to continue his faith in Peggsy and plays him more, giving him his debut against Charlton Athletic. Peggsy continues to make regular first team appearances, with encouraging results, scoring against Man U in the FA Cup 3rd Round.


When Fletch discovers Lynda Block caused his murder charge, he convinces the naive Peggsy to allow him to become his agent in order to spite her. Fletch wangles a pay increase for Peggsy from an irate Lynda, which marks the point of a change in the young man's life. Peggsy becomes what Fletch was at that age, out partying and splashing out on his new earnings. Out with Danny Rawsthorne, the two encounter hot new girlband(!) Siren, and soon the girls are wanting to do drugs with Danny and Peggsy. Danny begins to feel uncomfortable and leaves, but Peggsy decides to stay, and takes drugs with the girls. Peggsy then ends up in a dangerous situation as an effect of the drugs, and when alone he falls on the side of the swimming pool before almost drowning in the water.


In hospital, Peggsy is given the bad news that he has injured his spine, and while the damage is temporary, it is too dangerous for him to play professional football again. Peggsy feels as though his life is over having been forced to retire, and with six months to a year of treatment ahead of him, makes the decision to go and live with he and Nikki's parents in Spain while he recovers.