Gavin Moody (Jonathan Howard) 2005-2007

First Regular Appearance: 9.2 (#358) Brotherly Love  Sunday 23rd October 2005

Last Regular Appearance: 10.32 (#419) The Final Whistle Part Two  Sunday 3rd June 2007

Duration: EP: 358 - 419 ½ SE: 9.2 – 10.32

Squad Number/Position: Midfielder (#37) (2005-2006) / (#16) (2006-2007)

Last Seen: Injured during the first half of the Premier League Title final against Chelsea. Left watching from the bench.

Gavin was born in late 1987 and despite growing up in Doncaster, he always supported Harchester United. In school, Gavin's ability with a ball left his peers in no doubt he was guaranteed future stardom in football, and at 15 a talent scout offered him the chance of his young life - to sign YTS forms with his dream club HUFC. He left home at 16 and moved south to the Midlands town, lodging at a digs run by the Marshall family for Harchester's youth teamers. The Marshall's had a daughter Gavin's age, Cindi, and the two are an immediate item even before going on a first date.

After an impressive season in which he made several appearances for the reserves, Gavin gets the call-up as a quick Midfield replacement when the Dragons new squad are stranded in France for the first match of the season, although he isn't eventually needed. He is then included in coach Alex Dempsey's team for manager Felix Hahn's set-practice match, where he makes a connection with Defensive Midfielder Liam Mackay. Gavin develops an attachment to Liam, and is by his side when Liam takes on his pitch-sprinting challenge to prove himself as a player to Felix. Later, Gavin makes Liam his best man.

Some weeks later, Gavin's debut is set for the 4th Round Carling Cup tie with Leeds. For this match, Harchester's illusive owner offered a £1M bonus to the scorer of the winning goal, and the easy-impressed Gavin, with Cindi's insistence, accepts Eugene Rose's £100K offer to fake an injury. Gavin later returned the money and still played, realising the manager's respect and making a decent debut were most important. Offered a three-year professional contract with the club, Gavin sets about making his life perfect by proposing to Cindi during the Christmas party, unaware she has just slept with team mate Ryan Naysmith!

Gavin takes the team on a hunting trip for his stag do, where the lads force Ryan to confess his sleeping with Cindi to Gavin. Gavin repays Ryan by shooting dead his dog, Jaws! Ryan and Gavin are now at war, and an on-pitch punch-up leads to Gavin being banned for one game. Separated from Cindi, Gavin knuckles down under Alex's management, scoring the penalty which sends Harchester through to the FA Cup final. Gavin realises he loves Cindi too much to be without her, and the two get married.

After winning the FA Cup with Harchester, Gavin kicks off his second season with the Dragons, beginning with the arrival of Miguel Lopez who provided Gavin with an on-pitch partnership. At the Harchester United Player Awards for 2006, Gavin is voted Young Dragon of the Year, and with media mogul agent Tony Franks representing he and the ambitious Cindi, they are the hot young couple in Premier League football.

When Sean Campbell is transferred in, he, Gavin and Miguel form "The Invincibles" which on the face of it are a mighty force on the pitch, but a darker side looms when Miguel lures them into gambling at Freddericks' casino. Soon their luck has turned sour and boss J.F is menacingly demanding the thousands they owe him. Miguel's scheme backfires when J.F chokes to death in front of them, and when the others leave Jason Porter to falsely take the blame, Gavin speaks up, knowing Jason couldn't be the devious Dragonslayer out to destroy the team when he's admitting to being alone with J.F when he died.

A short time before Harchester face Chelsea to take the Premier League title for the first time in 21 years, Gavin learns Cindi is pregnant with his child and the two are excited about soon becoming parents. During the game, Gavin picks up an injury and is forced to watch the rest of the game from the dugout.