Georgina Jacobs (Clemency Burton-Hill) 1997-1998

First Regular Appearance: 1.1 (#1)  Tuesday 14th October 1997

Last Regular Appearance: 1.63 (#63)  Tuesday 19th May 1998

Duration: EP: 1 - 63 ½ SE: 1.1 – 1.63

Position: Student / Chairman/woman’s daughter

Last Seen: Gravely ill in hospital after taking an overdose following her life falling apart. Fate left for viewer to decide.

Georgina never lived a particularly happy life. Her parents' marriage had been one of convenience rather than love, due to Georgina being an unplanned pregnancy, and Stephanie and Michael divorced when their daughter was very young. Throughout her childhood, Georgina drifted between living with both parents, with Michael a workaholic businessman and Stephanie always preoccupied with her latest boyfriend. By her teenage years, Georgina was in her father's care more, and with Michael now chairman of Harchester United, she would never want for anything money could buy.

In October 1997, Georgina catches sight of Dean Hocknell who is out to celebrate making his first team debut that day. Dean is enticed by Georgina, and is too drunk to ask any questions when she takes him into Addison Road's boardroom, unknowing their antics are being recorded. Dean already has a girlfriend, Lucy, but it isn't until he is made aware who Georgina's father is - and the fact that she is only now celebrating her sixteenth birthday - that he decides to stop seeing her. Georgina doesn't give up on Dean, ranging from buying him presents to attempting to make him jealous by showing up to the club's Christmas party with Dennis Wise as her date. Though all this does is enrage her father further.

When the CCTV tape of Dean and Georgina's encounter finds its way onto the team coach, Michael is disgusted with his daughter. With Lynette Baker's support Michael and Georgina get back on the right track, and when Georgina discovers she is pregnant with Dean's baby, she goes to Lynette first, seeing her as a surrogate mother. When she is about to confide in her dad Michael collapses from a heart attack and dies. Georgina feels tremendous guilt over the problems she and Michael had before he died, and is looked after by Stephanie who has been left the club. News of Georgina's pregnancy doesn't go down too well, and she gets into a fight with Lucy at Michael's funeral. A short time later there is more tragedy for Georgina, when she loses the baby.

Dean moves on quickly from Lucy, and is soon engaged to Natalie who he meets while on transfer in Italy. Georgina tries to do the same, though still only wanting Dean to love her back, and gets together with Karl Fletcher. She could not have chosen a worse person, and finds out Fletch is also seeing Stephanie, with Karl getting a great thrill from bedding both a mother and her daughter. Crushed by betrayal, Georgina gives her mother one more chance by arranging for them to meet and air things, before paying an eerie visit to Natalie on the morning of her wedding to Dean. When Stephanie lets her down again (by sleeping with a potential buyer for the club), she returns home late to find Georgina sprawled out on her bed unconscious, having taken an overdose.

At first, Georgina is brought round, and weakly accuses Stephanie of ruining her life, not believing she loves her. The doctor tells Stephanie that Georgina's condition is worsening, and only a liver transplant will save her life. Stephanie is then told to prepare herself that Georgina may die before then, which looks ever more likely. There is no further mention of Georgina in the series after this.

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