Gordon Gallagher (Campbell Morrison) 1999-2000

First Regular Appearance: 3.16 (#156)  Thursday 11th November 1999

Last Regular Appearance: 3.39 (#179)  Tuesday 29th February 2000

Duration: EP: 156 - 179 ½ SE: 3.16 – 3.39

Position: Director of Football (1999-2000) / Temporary Manager (2000)

Last Seen: Being sent on his way with a punch from old pal Jerry, having been exposed as the club’s press leak.

Jerry Block had known Gordon Gallagher since a time when the future Harchester Chairman could only look on at the footballing world. Gordon had played as a central defender, well known for his tough nature on the pitch, and was one of Scotland's most celebrated players in the 1970's. After retiring from the game, Gordon took the stubbornness he'd used on the pitch and put it into coaching, doing things his own way which would often alienate him from his players. He also knew how to celebrate himself, with both boozing and betting always a big part of his life.

By the time he'd reached middle age, Gordon had gotten through several wives, and had reached a point where his gambling addiction had left him heavily in debt. Knowing Jerry now owns Harchester United, he pays his old friend a visit to try his luck. With Jerry preoccupied with the loss of insurance following the plane crash, plus the Wembley gunman investigation haunting him, he sees Gordon with all his experience and knowledge as a Godsend. He appoints him as Director of Football, and soon in the club's eyes has proved his worth. When Scott Lucas does a runner it is Gordon who (using his own methods) convinces him to return to the club.

When Luis gets injured and will be out recovering for months, Jerry allows Gordon to take over as caretaker manager, something many knew had disaster written all over it from the word go. Gordon's old fashioned techniques for formation, and his unwillingness to listen to anyone else's view strains things between he and the team. After clashing with Didier, things came to a head when Wes Kingsley loses his patience with Gordon's mouth and socks him one! While still in the caretaker manager role, the loan sharks Gordon is in debt to turn up at the club and repossess his car, warning him he still owes them.

When stories about the players, club and it's employees begin appearing in the press, it is clear there is a leak at the club, for all the selected information could only have come from an inside source. In order to get more money, Gordon makes a bet on Harchester losing to Leeds, and drops several first team players to replace them with inexperienced youth teamers. Marilyn Harwood believes she has found the leak in Gordon, and bugging his office phone catches him selling the press stories - but also placing the bet on Leeds beating Harchester! When Jerry learns what his so called friend has done, he fires Gordon, but not before sending him on his way with a punch.

Campbell Morrison passed away aged 55 in January 2008. Digital Spy discussion and link to Obituary.