Grace Ikema (Louise Rose) 2003-2004

First Regular Appearance: 7.3 (#295) Amazing Grace  Sunday 12th October 2003

Last Regular Appearance: 7.24 (#316) Return of the King  Sunday 14th March 2004

Duration: EP: 295 - 316 ½ SE: 7.3 – 7.24

Position: Receptionist / Team Co-Ordinator (2003-2004)

Last Seen: With Curtis at his house. Presumably isn’t kept on with the club following Coopers bank taking control.

Grace begins working on reception at the Dragons Lair during the 2003-04 pre-season. When Curtis Alexander is troubled over losing his form, and feels left in the dust by new star striker Luke Davenport, Grace stops him from driving when he gets smashed after the first game of the season. Curtis appreciates her kindness when she looks out for him, and wanting to get to know her, accompanies Grace to her church where she is a prominent member. When Grace is unfairly fired by Pilar while she is simply helping another friend Abi, Curtis gets her job back for her and the two become an item.

Curtis again saves Grace her job when she is manipulated by Ryan into giving him sleeping tablets, something that ultimately endangers his life. After Nikki quits to become a football agent, Grace is promoted to her post of team co-ordinator, with Pilar making it a demand that she not get involved with any of the players. Because of this, Grace's job takes priority over Curtis, and he lets his reckless streak take over again by sleeping with Donna, now married to Clyde.

Grace finishes with Curtis, and after witnessing him beat up Clyde wonders whether she knew him at all. Curtis doesn't like the man he has become, and remembering the new lease of life Grace's church gave him, decides to be baptised at a ceremony held at the Lair. Although she at first refuses his invitation, Grace arrives in time to see Curtis' blessing.

When Harchester is liquidated, Grace stays to help and support the team as they fight their way to getting the club reopened. After a short time, Coopers Bank say they will keep the club running but with minimal staff, and Grace is made redundant. She and Curtis remain friends for long after.