Hector Da Silva (Pedro Cunha) 2006

First Regular Appearance: 9.14 (#370) The Man in the White Suit  Sunday 22nd January 2006

Last Regular Appearance: 9.31 (#387) Salt Of The Earth  Sunday 14th May 2006

Duration: EP: 370 - 387 ½ SE: 9.14 – 9.31

Squad Number/Position: #10 (Striker)

Last Seen: In the team that win Harchester the FA Cup for only the second time in history. Sold to Bayern Munich that summer.

Hector, or Ramon Hector Rodriguez Patricio Da Silva as his full name, was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1982, and followed his country's assemble of future talent by playing on the Brazilian streets in his youth. By his early 20's Hector was signed to Botafogo F.C and had naively signed with a double-dealing British agent, Jackson Turner.

During the winter transfer window in 2006, Jackson abruptly removed Hector from Brazil against his will, with the plan to send him to a far more lucrative club in Moscow. They arrive at East Midlands Airport on a stop-over, where Hector learns Jackson is in Harchester as he also represents its new manager Lawrie Hannigan, and absconds from his menacing minder. Hector tries to approach Lynda Block for help but is so hysterical she mistakes him for an attacker! When Lynda realises how Hector is being forced into going to Russia, she uncovers how Hector's contract with Botafogo is void so Jackson has no hold over him.

After letting Hector slip away, he finds a place with non-league Brazilian Showsport F.C, where he is spotted by Bolton Wanderers who quickly snap him up. When Lawrie Hannigan learns of this, he accuses Bolton of stealing a Harchester player! Having Hector's word that he was with Harchester, plus his work permit, Bolton have little choice but to release him back to the Dragons. The "transfer" goes deeper though - with Lynda owing some dangerous Russian figures £10M pounds when they claim to own Hector from the previous Moscow deal, and the unknown Harchester owner has to bail her out.

Hector has an impressive start for the club, scoring on his debut, but soon is struggling with the pressures of a Premier League club's training routine. The team have little patience with Hector, who particularly clashes with Ryan Naysmith, and the two come to blows until Ashleigh King has had enough and makes Ryan accommodate Hector at Studs. Soon Hector is Ryan's only friend in the team when he comes between Gavin and fiancée Cindi.

After being put out of the game for several weeks due to a bad tackle by Asa Maloin, Hector is back in the first team to face Arsenal in the FA Cup final. Following this victory, he gains selection for Brazil's World Cup campaign in Germany, and while out there meets with Bayern Munich, finalising a deal in another £10M transfer for Hector and Harchester United.

Pedro Cunha died in April 2014. The circumstances were (mostly) translated into English on the site here.