Holly Jones (Lamorna Watts) 2004-2005

First Regular Appearance: 8.2 (#326) Out  Sunday 24th October 2004

Temporary Departure: 8.8 (#332) Blame  Sunday 5th December 2004

Last Regular Appearance: 8.18 (#342) The Race Card  Sunday 20th February 2005

Duration: EP: 326 - 332, 342 ½ SE: 8.2 – 8.8, 8.18

Position: Trainee Physio (2004-2005)

Last Seen: Going to Curtis with Ryan’s medical records after being fired by Don Barker for being an interfering nuisance.


Aged 23, Holly's physiotherapist training got off to a strong start when she obtained a much-sort-after work placement with Harchester United. After spending a year working with the youth team, Holly won a promotion to become trainee assistant to Harchester's senior physio Bobby Armitt. Getting started, she soon finds the first team and their manager Don Barker aren't as easy going as her friends lower down, and her caring, sympathetic nature is taken advantage of.

Holly encounters Tommy Valentine searching the medicine cabinet for painkillers and sees he is hiding an injury to his shoulder. After flying out with the team to Portugal, Holly examines Tommy and discusses how his dislocated shoulder could cause further damaged if he plays. When Barker abandons Tommy fifteen miles from the hotel, Holly has to steal Don’s car to rescue Tommy and when discovered is fired. After Tommy V makes her feel guilty, Jodie convinces her dad to give Holly her job back.

Always considerate, Holly looks out for Clyde Connelly who has been struggling under Barker's tough regime. In the run-up to Harchester's Champions League tie with Paris St. Germain, it appears Holly and Tommy are Clyde's only friends left at the club, and this is jeopardised after Clyde takes drugs and forces himself on Holly. As Clyde is substituted during the game, Holly has found a letter from him apologising for his actions and letting her in on what he's been suffering with from Barker. Holly tries to find Clyde but he isn't in the dressing room, he has jumped from the stadium roof taking his own life. Holly is deeply affected by Clyde's death, and confiding in Tommy, is shocked when he gives her letter to Clyde's mother who is searching for answers.

After Clyde's funeral, and knowing the true reasons behind his death, Holly keeps a lower profile at the club. But when Barker again puts one the players health in danger, this time pushing to use Ryan Naysmith in his line-up against Lazio while he is still recovering from a broken leg, Holly knows she must step in. Going above him to the club doctor and raising his concerns, Barker is furious and knows he must put a stop to Holly's snooping, firing her a second time. Not willing to leave Ryan in danger, Holly swipes Ryan's X-Ray's from Barker's office and passing them onto Curtis, Ryan is eventually seen by a specialist and proven to still be unfit to play.