Jacqui Wallis (Jane Campbell) 2002-2003

First Regular Appearance: 6.1 (#261) It Could Be You  Sunday 6th October 2002

Last Regular Appearance: 6.32 (#292) Just The Ticket  Sunday 18th May 2003

Duration: EP: 261 - 292 ½ SE: 6.1 – 6.32

Position: Harchester United Chairwoman / HUTV Controller (2002-2003)

Last Seen: Dumped by Phil and leaving in disgrace following her involvement with Patrick and his bet being exposed.


Working as an estate agent, Jacqui came from Birmingham where she and her plumber husband Phil lived a modest life. Jacqui loved being busy in her career, and never particularly wanted to be anything else. The two had no idea how their lives would change when in July 2002, a regular lottery ticket purchase would see their joint bank account go up by £23 million pounds! As with many people, Jacqui had no idea where to even begin imagining what to do with that amount of money, but one thing she and Phil agreed on was a holiday villa in the sun they would own.

However, only a month after their win, Jacqui is shocked to learn Phil has squandered £21M of their money after bidding for the up-for-sale Harchester United. Jacqui sees this move as a betrayal, for Phil's one big love opposite her has always been his club Harchester. With little choice now her husband is chairman of a Premier League club, Phil convinces Jacqui this could be a great move for them both, and they are 'unveiled' as the new owners on the first day of the new season.

Soon Jacqui has found a calling at HUFC, as controller of the club's new satellite channel HUTV, and lumbered with ditzy reporter Tara Keane as seemingly her only employee. When Jacqui discovers Patrick Doyle has placed a bet on Harchester to be relegated, it will take some doing to stop her from ending his career at the club. Luckily for him, her husband's madcap actions continue with Phil using the last of their lottery money to buy the ultimately useless Roberto Mendoza. With nothing left for the holiday villa, a bitter Jacqui goes renegade and joins Patrick in his bet - with a £500K necklace which was a present from Phil.

In typical Jacqui form, she comes to regret getting involved as Harchester's form slips dramatically and a fight for survival looks ever more likely. Phil is soon taking the blame for everything going wrong, which makes Jacqui feel guilty, so she pleads with Patrick to free her from the bet. All she is met with however is a slap and being blackmailed into bed by Doyle. Clearly due to the amount of time she has to spend with him (what else?), Jacqui finds herself sleeping with Patrick out of choice, and is shocked when she finds herself pregnant with his baby. The stress of the bet and now carrying more secrets around gets too much for Jacqui and she miscarries the child.

With Phil thinking he has caused all this, and no sight of the club's downward spiral letting up, Jacqui admits all to him, including the bet. Phil throws Jacqui out, before sending Patrick on his way with a good kicking. But Jacqui is soon back by his bedside when Phil makes a half-hearted suicide attempt, and due to the dark forces involved in the bet turning nasty, Patrick pressures Jacqui into convincing Phil to sell the club to them. When Phil refuses, Jacqui flees Harchester to get away from the now even more sinister syndicate.

She is soon back, hoping for a reconciliation with Phil, but walks in on him getting steamy with team co-ordinator Nikki, whom Jacqui believes is about as interesting as "cold baked beans on toast!". Phil sleeps with Jacqui, who delights in informing Nikki about how she and Phil are back together. Jacqui is still involved with Patrick however, sleeping with him at Phil's house on the final day of the season. They soon see the result of the bet when turning on the TV to see Jamie Parker, who Patrick has had throwing games, taking the team hostage, resulting in his death.

With the police now involved, Jacqui is used to try and catch Patrick, which sees a tape recording of how she slept with him while the siege was going on being revealed. Phil finishes with Jacqui for good, resulting in her having lost her marriage, and everything that went into the club - for as Harchester survive relegation, Phil signs over the chairmanship to a mystery fan in the crowd before walking away to be a fan once more.