Jennifer Taylor (Danielle Brent) 2003

First Regular Appearance: 6.25 (#285) Show Me The Money  Sunday 30th March 2003

Last Regular Appearance: 6.32 (#292) Just The Ticket  Sunday 18th May 2003

Duration: EP: 285 - 292 ½ SE: 6.25 – 6.32

Position: Manager’s Assistant / Businesswoman (2003)

Last Seen: With Alan watching Phil Wallis give the club away. Leaves with Rothman when Pilar replaces him with Stuart.


Intelligent and a loyal worker, Jennifer Taylor had a brain for business from a young age. Her direction into the football world began when she applied to work for former European star manager Alan Rothman. With impressive qualifications and a bold, sassy attitude for dealing with clients (not that Rothman cared about the former) Jennifer was hired as his PA, at a time Alan had become an enforced man of leisure needing someone organised to make him get up in the morning. Jennifer comes into Rothman's life a short time after he has been thrown out of Harchester United when exposed for a dodgy deal involving a move to AC Milan. That and an affair with his long-time friend, and assistant's wife, so Jennifer knows Rothman has an eye for the (often taken) ladies.

Jennifer becomes someone Rothman heavily relies on, almost as if it has been her job to get him back on his feet following his dismissal from the Dragons. More often than not, her time spent with him extends past her working hours, and Jennifer starts to develop an attraction to Rothman. When he appears to feel the same about her, Jennifer is hopeful Alan will change his womanising ways. Jennifer encourages Alan when Phil Wallis, the current Harchester chairman, approaches him about returning to the club, telling him it would make amends for his previous discretions. When Rothman does sign to return, Jennifer thinks everything is going well, until she encounters Alan leaving for his place on the Monte Carlo Celebrity Golf Tournament with Sky Sports presenter Yvonne Alladyce by his side. It gets worse when Alan makes a public marriage proposal to Yvonne at the club, and a heartbroken Jennifer realises she has been just another fling.

Jennifer spends time with Marcel, who is only a friend but it is enough to make Alan jealous. Jennifer continues to give Alan the cold shoulder, becoming Nikki's housemate and only dealing with Alan for business and nothing personal which he can't hide he is not happy with. On what was supposed to be the last day of the season, Jamie Parker holds up the Harchester dressing room, and as the police storm in Alan is suffering a heart attack. Jennifer is consumed with worry and stays by his side as he recovers, where it looks like Rothman wants to make a serious go of things with her.

When Harchester secure their place in the Premiership, a new chief executive in Pilar Hernandez is hired by the board, and knowing Rothman would be a major headache for her plans for the club, she replaces him with Stuart. After a sadly short time in Harchester, Jennifer and Rothman leave for pastures new.