Katy Irwin (Amy Perfect) 2006-2007

First Regular Appearance: 10.1 (#388) Dragon Till I Die  Sunday 29th October 2006

Last Regular Appearance: 10.32 (#419) The Final Whistle Part Two  Sunday 3rd June 2007

Duration: EP: 388 - 419 ½ SE: 10.1 – 10.32

Position: Salon Stylist / Beautician (2006-2007)

Last Seen: Dropping the infamous cigarette (and quite possibly sealing her own fate) to spark the great Dragons Lair fire.


Katy was born up north in the summer of 1987, and her parents moved to Harchester when she was a child. She quickly became a Harchester United supporter and would regularly attend games with her friends. It was at an away game against Preston in the Carling Cup that Katy met Jason Porter, who was immediately enticed by the girl in the beanie hat yelling at his hero Karl Fletcher for missing the ball. Despite going to separate schools, the two 15-year-olds fell in love, and Katy came into Jason's life at a time when he was on a downward spiral following on from his father's death. Katy worked to make Jason a more steady, responsible person but when Jason's mother kicked him out, she feared all of her hard work would come undone. Katy managed to persuade her parents to let Jason live with them until they could afford to move into a flat of their own. While they saved, Katy trained and ultimately gained a job as a stylist and beautician at a local salon. Jason worked as a fitter and mechanic at a Tyre Bay with his two best mates Phil and Deano, and with Katy, the four attended every Harchester game home and away.

At the 2006 pre-season, the group travelled to Roots Hall to see Harchester's friendly against Southend. Jason being vocally passionate about the team and their performance under Alex Rose sees him challenged by the manager to show what he can do on the pitch. Katy and the boys are ecstatic when Jason scores and ultimately wins the match for the Dragons. She is further joyed when Alex later visits Jason at work and offers him a trial with the reserves, knowing he still has it in him to make a football career. Jason is dealt a blow when Alex leaves the club, and his replacement Jimmy Craig is more concerned with keeping his own job than seeing Jason play. With his trial about to end, Katy takes it into her own hands to make sure Jimmy attends Jason's reserve team game. Due to this, Jimmy sees Jason's talent and offers him a contract. Katy makes a connection with Jimmy, he impressed with her gutsy determination in looking out for her boyfriend's best interests, and at her request Jimmy finds Katy and Jason a house at the Barrons to move into.

Miguel Lopez has his eye on Katy, and Jason becomes extremely jealous, even though Katy insists he is only her friend. At the club Christmas party, Miguel goes too far with Katy and a drunken Jason starts a punch-up. Jason's new lifestyle as a footballer continues to see him take his responsibilities less seriously, and attending a party in London takes ecstasy with a model, Emma, and sleeps with her. Realising he has made a terrible mistake, Jason guiltily proposes to Katy and she accepts. At this time, Katy has been a support to Jimmy following daughter Gemma's accident, and discovering his wife has a secret lover, an emotional Jimmy tries to kiss Katy.

When Emma arrives in Harchester and starts blackmailing Jason over their one-night-stand, he deceives Katy into believing he owes Emma money due to his gambling with the lads. Katy has little reason to be suspicious when Emma sticks around, apparently as Miguel's girlfriend, and becomes friends with her, even asking Emma to be a guest at the wedding when Miguel dumps her. At their wedding Jason's guilt gets the better of him and he confesses all to Katy at the alter, with her whacking him before running out of the church. A humiliated Katy hides out at Jimmy's house, where both confide their relationship woes to each other before sleeping together. Immediately Katy knows it was wrong as she was so furious with Jason, and the two decide to put it behind them. Although she refuses to take Jason back, Katy is suspicious when Jason claims to be Dragonslayer, an anonymous troublemaker out to wreck the club's chances of their first title win in 21 years. Katy knows Jason would never hurt the club let alone his team mates, and passionately defends him to the squad, prompting Gavin to add she could well be right.

Ready to play in the final, Jason asks Katy to be there to see their club win something they've waited their whole lives for. She wishes him good luck as if she won't be there, but to his surprise he catches sight of her in the crowd with Phil and Deano - wearing her Harchester beanie! As the full time whistle approaches, and Harchester are drawing 1-1 with Chelsea, the suspense gets to Katy and she heads inside, unable to watch the final outcome. In the Players' Lounge, the stress causes her to reach for a sitting pack of cigarettes, and catching sight of Jason playing his heart out in a final push for one more vital goal convinces her to head back to her seat. Tossing her still lit cigarette for the bin, it misses without her seeing and ignites a fast fire trail across the petrol soaked carpet - thanks to Dragonslayer Danny Sullivan. The fire is so quick and deadly it explodes the lift and causes an inferno in the club offices.

Katy is not seen again, she isn't back sitting with Phil and Deano in the stands as Jason takes the final kick of the ball to decide Harchester's fate. Although it would not be confirmed, she seemed a likely victim of the fire more than any other character. She wasn't going to attend the game until Jason ultimately persuaded her, plus at Jason's most important moment of glory, scoring the winning goal and securing their club the title, would also be the moment he lost the most important person in his life.