Linton Alexander (Robbie Gee) 2002

First Regular Appearance: 5.16 (#244) Please Release Me  Sunday 13th January 2002

Last Regular Appearance: 5.32 (#260) Forsaking All Others  Sunday 5th May 2002

Duration: EP: 244 - 260 ½ SE: 5.16 – 5.32

Squad Number/Position: #10 (Striker) (2002)

Last Seen: On board the team coach travelling to the UEFA Cup Final in Amsterdam. Dies in the M1 crash.


Two years older than his brother Curtis, Linton Alexander didn't pass down footballing talent to his younger sibling. In fact Curtis was the Alexander brother that would always be going places, mostly for his skill, but also as managers and clubs knew he was more rational and well-balanced than his brother. Growing up, the Alexander's had always lived near and supported Charlton, the boys' father holding a dream that both his sons would play together at their club one day. It was Linton who achieved this, and he took secret pleasure knowing that his more-in-demand little brother wanted to play for them more.

Curtis instead had his European ambitions realised, and by the time he left for Paris Saint-Germain in 1999 Linton was still with Charlton and had married with three children. Though it was not a happy marriage. That summer, Linton's darkest chapter took hold, when hosting a house party, the abused Mrs Alexander fell into bed with her husband's team mate Stevie Shaw, and Linton caught them. Chasing Stevie out of the house, the front door was left open, and Linton's nine-year-old son Michael was hit by a car and killed. Linton viciously attacked Stevie, holding him responsible for his son's death, and Stevie was forced out of Charlton to Aston Villa. Linton however could not recover from this trauma, and was put out of the game for the next couple of years after having a breakdown.

Doing all he could for his brother, Curtis began to use his connections to find Linton a new club, with Linton hoping he could finish his playing days with Curtis together at the same club. When Curtis hears Harchester's caretaker manager Monday Bandele wants to sign him as a new striker, Curtis tells him he will only join if they take Linton as well. After seeing Linton has apparently overcome his recent troubles, the club agrees he could be of use to them and sign Linton first, sure that Curtis will now follow suit. However Curtis would not sign, revealing it had all been a plot to get Linton back where he should be - a Premier League club.

A fiery history is set to be reignited with Linton's signing, as Stevie is not only now at the club in Midfield but also the team's captain. After Patrick Doyle sets Sports Psychologist Gemma McKenzie the task of probing their past, Linton shows his aggressive side is still bubbling away underneath, and sets about destroying Stevie again. Knowing Stevie is in love with team co-ordinator Nikki, Linton makes it his mission to turn Nikki against him, and it works. Nikki comes to see Stevie as the bad guy thanks to Linton's poison-dripping, and this is only confirmed further when Stevie hits out at Linton during half time at a match.

While it looks like Stevie himself is being driven to a breakdown, Linton begins to get irritated with Nikki now he has her to himself, and begins abusing her in the same way his ex-wife suffered. When Linton's two children, Zack and Olivia visit their dad for Zack's birthday, Olivia wanders off and Linton harshly blames Nikki. Stevie is the hero of the hour and returns Olivia safely, but not before publicly confronting Linton for his abuse of Nikki. Stevie wins back Nikki and Linton doesn't spend too long mulling over this, for he gets the news he will be playing in the UEFA Cup Final against AC Milan. On the way to the airport however, the Harchester team coach is involved in a crash on the M1. Linton is killed along with Stevie, Danny Rawsthorne and Claudia Irving. Following his death, Curtis signs for Harchester at last.