Lisa Gerard (Danielle Tarento) 2001-2002

First Regular Appearance: 5.7 (#235) 36 Hours In Dublin  Sunday 28th October 2001

Last Regular Appearance: 5.32 (#260) Forsaking All Others  Sunday 5th May 2002

Duration: EP: 235 - 260 ½ SE: 5.7 – 5.32

Position: Mother to Charlie / Girlfriend of Danny Rawsthorne

Last Seen: Accepting Danny’s proposal as he leaves for the UEFA Cup Final. Leaves when he is killed in the coach crash.


At one point, Lisa's only connection to Harchester United was through her young son Charlie who idolised the club. Since her divorce from Charlie's father after their short marriage, Lisa has had sole custody of their son, and it is she who takes him travelling to all of Harchester's away games. This included the 2nd Leg of Harchester's 1st Round UEFA Cup Tie with Shelbourne, and Lisa and Charlie are enjoying the sights of Dublin when a star-struck Charlie runs into Danny Rawsthorne. With her son the big HUFC fan, Lisa doesn't even recognise Danny, and tells her son off for talking to strangers!

When Lisa learns Danny is in fact playing that day, she warms to him and they make plans to meet up after the game. They miss each other however when Danny is forced to take a random drugs test by UEFA, which to his shock comes back positive. To escape the situation, Danny finds Lisa and hides out at hers, where she proves a sensible influence and persuades Danny to return and face his demons. Now dating, Lisa finds herself the object of unwanted media attention for being Danny's girlfriend, and wanting a more stable life for Charlie, calls time on their relationship. Danny cares too much about Lisa to let her go, and shows her he wants to settle down so the two get back together.

Danny is now in his element, with interest from both the England Under-21 and Ireland side, not to mention the possibility of playing in that summer's World Cup. Sensing a big cash deal in front of him, greedy agent Taylor Doyle manipulates Danny into going to Athletico Madrid. Lisa is proud of Danny but leaves him gutted when she reveals Charlie's father would never let her take him abroad, so wouldn't be coming with him. Danny tries to back out of the Madrid deal, and on the eve of the UEFA Cup game against Dinamo Moscow, proposes to Lisa which she accepts.

But just as everything looks to be OK for the pair, tragedy strikes and Danny is killed when the Harchester coach crashes while on the way to the airport for the UEFA Cup final. Lisa quietly drifts away grieving for Danny.