Lynette Baker (Katy Newell) 1997-1998

First Regular Appearance: 1.1 (#1)  Tuesday 14th October 1997

Last Regular Appearance: 2.8 (#72)  Thursday 24th September 1998

Duration: EP: 1 - 72 ½ SE: 1.1 – 2.8

Position: Casino Worker / Digs Manager / Chairman’s Secretary

Last Seen: Taking a three-month work placement on a cruise ship. Stays down south upon returning to England.


In her late teens, Lynette had the excitement of two admirers competing for her affections; Michael Jacobs, a wealthy former professional player for Harchester United, and Des Baker, a broke but loyal Dragons' fan. Lynette chose substance over style and married Des, giving birth to their daughter Zoe in 1980 and five years later son Steven. She and Michael remained good friends, and Lynette kept a motherly eye on Michael's daughter Georgina, after they were left by his wife Stephanie.


In the late 80's, Des struck up a business deal with then Chairman Clive Hawes that a number of the club's youth team players could lodge at he and Lynette's house as a digs. Lynette was enthusiastic, plus another income was helpful with two young children to bring up, but as time went on it added to her concern that Des' passion for Harchester United was as great as his love for her. Sharing her home with several youth team lads, typically aged between 16-19, Lynette is more than a landlady, providing support as a surrogate-mother to the boys. Lynette has another job, working in a casino which often takes her away at nights, but in 1997 takes a job as secretary to the Harchester chairman, meaning she will be working closely with Michael.


Michael bought Harchester United in 1992, and five years later the now 16-year-old Georgina is going off the rails. Lynette is always a support, but Des is worried that Michael may be trying to restart what he and Lynette once had. Lynette learns that Georgina is pregnant, but Michael never knows as he dies from a heart attack. Des' suspicions of Lynette and Michael are reignited when Zoe is given shares in the club that Michael set aside for her to receive on her eighteenth birthday. Des outright accuses Lynette of cheating on him and concealing the fact that he is not Zoe's father. Upon hearing this, Zoe too turns on Lynette, who continues to claim it isn't true. The two eventually decide they are father and daughter no matter what, and return home to Lynette.


When Des wants to move the family into a new youth team academy, Lynette is far from happy about having to give up more of her home life for football. She sticks to her side of a deal she and Des made when Harchester survived relegation at the end of the season, and they move into the new facilities that summer. Lynette's feelings on the lack of privacy, and coming second to football even more than before lead her to search for a more exciting life. She hands in her notice to Jerry Block and tells Des she is taking a job on a three-month cruise ship. Lynette wants Des to come with her, but leaves alone when he doesn't want to lose the academy this soon.


Lynette is due back in England before Christmas, and when Des receives a card from her he learns she has met a man on the cruise and is settled in Southampton. Steven goes to stay with her for Christmas and doesn't return, leaving Des without any family around. In February 1999 Lynette, Zoe and Steven are together in Florida, with the chance of the family reuniting again. Des doesn't miss the opportunity this time and leaves the club to put his family first again.