Matt Webster (James Daffern) 2003

First Regular Appearance: 7.1 (#293) Groundhog Day  Sunday 28th September 2003

Last Regular Appearance: 7.12 (#304) Judas  Sunday 14th December 2003

Duration: EP: 293 - 304 ½ SE: 7.1 – 7.12

Position: Supply Teacher / Harchester United Ownership Claimant (2003)

Last Seen: Tying his scarf to the gates of the Dragons Lair having lost his dream of owning the club.


Matt was a life-long Harchester United supporter, the players were his heroes and, living locally, Addison Road was like a second home to him, never missing a game. In 1992, aged sixteen, he purchased his first season ticket: North Stand, Block 3, Row F, Seat #61 - the same seat he would keep when the club moved to it's new stadium The Dragon's Lair in 1999. During those years Matt obtained a law degree, qualified as a supply teacher, and met Alison Hill, a woman with a young son, Christopher. Moving in together, Matt becomes the father-figure absent in Chris' life.

By the end of the 2002-03 football season, Matt and the family are taking a long-awaited holiday in Spain, when he receives a call from the club informing him his seat has been reallocated for the Everton replay. Desperate to make it back for the game, Matt can get hold of only two tickets, leaving an annoyed Alison behind. They arrive back but have missed the game, and upon her return Alison takes Christopher and leaves Matt. Later that week, Matt sees the potential new owners of HUFC, the Boyles, posing with his seat, and believes he has the true claim to ownership, as surely the club had no right to sell his seat like that?

With Clyde Connelly also a challenge to Matt's dream, he needs all of the help he can get. After a few hiccups he allows Jeff and his new protégé Lee Presley to move in, and Jeff becomes the unofficial head of Matt's ownership campaign on the understanding that he will become chief executive when Matt is chairman. When Pilar blocks a transfer for Ryan, Matt realises she is on good terms with the fans, and publicly announces he will keep her on as chief exec if he wins ownership. Jeff now switches sides to the Boyles, yet still putting on a front that Matt is his man.

The day of the court case arrives, and Matt confidently represents himself, however it is revealed that for the Everton replay, the club sent out letters to season ticket holders in advance of their seats being reallocated. Matt is adamant he never received one, and when Alison tells Jeff to destroy the print out confirming he was sent one, Jeff knows she is hiding something. When Alison takes the stand, the Boyle's solicitor cross-examines her until Alison is forced to admit Matt did receive a letter, but she got rid of it so they could still go on holiday. Because of this, the judge rules Matt's claim inadmissible and he has lost all he ever dreamed of.

Alison begs Matt for forgiveness, but it is safe to say their relationship is over. Matt says a heartbreaking goodbye to Chris, who calls him "dad" for the first time, and leaves Harchester, knowing he will never be able to watch the team play again.