Maxine Duxbury (Madeleine Curtis) 2000

First Regular Appearance: 3.31 (#171)  Tuesday 1st February 2000

Last Regular Appearance: 3.50 (#190)  Thursday 6th April 2000

Duration: EP: 171 - 190 ½ SE: 3.31 – 3.50

Position: Lazy, self-serving, gold-digging cow (Actress did a good job though!)

Last Seen: Rightfully being thrown out on her arse by Lynda after squatting in her house and trying to steal her life.


Four years younger than her sister Lynda, Maxine grew up bitter at knowing her parents had only ever planned to have two children, and Maxine being the third born placed a strain on the Duxbury family both financial and emotionally. Maxine also brought the misfortune of causing trouble everywhere she (or the family) went, jealous of her sisters, particularly the more stylish Lynda, and by the age of seventeen she had left the family's Manchester home to live with a succession of friends and boyfriends whose cash she could spend (until they grew tired of her freeloading).

As Maxine always burnt out her relationships because of her overly selfish and greedy nature, she was even more jealous of Lynda who had settled with businessman husband Jerry, and despite seeing her older sister occasionally, she had never met her rich brother-in-law. Maxine doesn't even care to visit Lynda after she is shot by accident at Wembley, an incident arranged by Jerry, and hearing from their mother how Lynda is suffering memory loss prompts a penniless Maxine into turning up at the Block's mansion, keen to slip into her sister's place. Jerry was grateful for Maxine's arrival, someone to keep an eye on Lynda while he was dealing with work at the club, and she became an important ally to him in his mission to stop Lynda leaving him.

It wasn't long before Maxine was again causing trouble for Lynda, stirring arguments between her and Jerry also involving Luis and Marilyn, plus embarrassingly chasing after players at the club. If Lynda thought her own sister would be on her side over Jerry, she was wrong, for Maxine reported back Lynda's suspicions on Jerry being involved in her shooting straight back to him. Knowing Lynda was getting closer to the truth, Jerry conspired with Maxine that Lynda was mentally unstable, and the two set about holding her prisoner in the house. On the day Luis is due to return from injury, Lynda escapes the control of Jerry and Maxine, and Maxine believes she has finally got the life Lynda had.

However, when Lynda gets the proof of Jerry's involvement in the Wembley shootings, she forces him to sign the club over to her and leave for Brazil or face prison. Maxine is furious Jerry signed over his fortune i.e. the club to her sister, and retorts that she would never move to Brazil with a man thirty years older than her with more chins than a Chinese phone book! As Jerry made his exit alone, a shameful Maxine attempted to talk Lynda round, playing the sisters card, but Lynda had had enough of her sister's betrayals and threw her out once and for all.