Mica Masters/Hocknell (Katisha Kenyon) 1998-1999

First Regular Appearance: 2.34 (#98)  Thursday 24th December 1998

Last Regular Appearance: 2.74 (#138)  Thursday 13th May 1999

Guest Appearance: 3.7 (#147)  Tuesday 12th October 1999

Duration: EP: 98 - 138, 147 ½ SE: 2.34 – 2.74, 3.7

Position: Sister of Warren Masters / Wife of Sean Hocknell

Last Seen: Warning Jerry she would take him to court for compensation over Sean’s death, never heard of again though.


Mica and her younger brother Warren had a troubled upbringing, circumstances in their early lives lead them to indulge in their parents' criminal activities growing up. Mica followed their mother, who stole to feed her drug addiction, while Warren looked like he would be heading down the same path as their father Kenny, who was ultimately jailed for attempted murder. Warren had a way out that Mica didn't however - his footballing skills got him noticed while in a detention centre, and at seventeen he was accepted into Harchester United's youth team leaving Mica behind in Bolton.

Mica's life continued to be chaotic and over time, she grew jealous of what she saw as Warren's comfortable life and not getting any of the money he must be making as a professional footballer. She decides to "surprise" him and turns up at Warren's flat on Christmas day 1998, encountering Warren's unofficial girlfriend Julie and her best friend Kelly. The girls take Mica to the youth hostel where Warren is, and he is less than pleased to see her. It is here that Mica meets Sean Hocknell for the first time, but Warren doesn't want her around his friend or especially Julie, knowing his sister is trouble. Mica sees how Julie is important to Warren, and latches on to her, organising a day at the sales in London. When they realise the first team with Sean and Fletch are nearby, Mica and Julie rock up at their hotel room wanting to go clubbing, but the boys have been struck down with food poisoning. Bored, the girls leave, with Mica swiping a wad of cash from the boys to continue their fun.

Mica continues to see more of Sean, he enjoying her exciting nature while she having a rich footballer to spend his money on her. The two take a spontaneous flight to Las Vegas, where after drinking too much, find themselves returning to Harchester married. Mica thinks her future is secure with Sean, but in a sober light, and with advice from his best friend Fletch who can spot a gold-digger a mile off, Sean wants out of the marriage almost immediately. Tragically, while they were away, Warren died in his flat from carbon monoxide poisoning, and Sean now has to act as the supportive husband to Mica. The loss in fact brought Mica and Sean closer, and they decide to make a go of the marriage, even planning a church ceremony. Mica has cause to worry when Natalie, Sean's former love and the heavily pregnant wife of his brother Dean, returns to persuade Sean to give things another go with her. Sean chooses Mica, but the threat of Natalie plays heavy on the new Mrs Hocknell's mind, fearing that Sean doesn't love her in the same way and will eventually leave her.

Fearing that time has already arrived, Mica gets drunk and plans to see Sean the night before the FA Cup Semi Final. When Luis tries to be kind and keep her from making a fool of herself, Mica tries to kiss him but falls and hits her face, and when Ian and Jerry see her they assume Luis has attacked her. With Ian and Jerry out for Luis for their own personal reasons, and Lynda trying to protect him, they surround Mica to admit opposite stories, and an embarrassed Mica says that Luis did attack her. Sean is ready to kill Luis, who is suspended from the club, but when it is learnt that Ian has a recording on his phone that proves Luis didn't assault Mica, she is forced to remorsefully admit all to Sean. Sean says the marriage cannot go on, and wants a divorce, which Mica has to accept.

She leaves, but a few months later Sean is killed in a plane crash with other first team members and Julie while returning from the UEFA Cup game against Ajax. Mica reappears on the day of the memorial service and shows up at Jerry's office, reminding him she is still technically Sean's wife and he was killed on official club business, meaning she is entitled to compensation from the club. Jerry tells her she doesn't have a leg to stand on, and is probably right, because nothing else is heard of Mica's claim again!