Natalie Moore/Hocknell (Helen Latham) 1998-1999

First Regular Appearance: 1.48 (#48)  Wednesday 25th March 1998

Last Regular Appearance: 2.54 (#118)  Thursday 4th March 1999

Duration: EP: 48 - 118 ½ SE: 1.48 – 2.54

Position: Wife of Dean Hocknell

Last Seen: Leaving alone and pregnant with Dean’s baby, having failed to win Sean back over Mica.


Natalie was prone to falling in love very easily. It led to her becoming pregnant and left alone, unready for motherhood while still a teenager. When Natalie's daughter Jessica was born, it was decided that her parents would raise her, and when Natalie left for a job in Italy, Jess stayed behind with Mr and Mrs Moore. In early 1998 Natalie meets Dean Hocknell, who is out on loan in the country from Harchester United. He doesn't have long there, less than two months in fact, so the two spend as much time together as possible until Dean asks Natalie not only to come back to England with him, but to be his wife!

As Dean tends to club matters after they arrive home, Natalie is left alone to meet Sean, who she makes a connection with even before learning he is Dean's brother. Natalie also meets Georgina, Dean's ex lover, who she is wary of when Georgina tries to be her friend to her face. Natalie is right as Georgina is still madly in love with Dean and wants him for herself. When Natalie learns from Georgina how she lost Dean's baby, Natalie finds it even harder to inform him of Jessica's existence. She confides in Sean first, and when she does tell Dean he reacts badly, hurt she kept this from him, but he comes round. Although Natalie ultimately wins Dean, she and Sean can't get away from the fact that there is something there between them. Natalie decides to stick with Dean and the two are married. That summer, Natalie leaves with Dean for this time Turkey, when Jerry Block sells him to Galatasaray.

The couple's first months abroad take their toll on Dean as he struggles to adjust, and following in his father's footsteps, starts to assault Natalie. She returns to Harchester, making excuses to Sean and not letting on what's happened. Lynda Block becomes a good friend to Natalie, and she stays with the Block's for a time. When Natalie is changing, Lynda spots her bruises, and is protective of her friend when Dean arrives from Turkey to take Natalie back. Sean, who is struggling with his own feelings for Natalie and not knowing what his brother has done, persuades her to go back to Dean, only to learn the truth from Lynda only after Natalie has left. When Natalie turns up at the house and collapses in front of Fletch and Sean, she is rushed to hospital where it is revealed she took another beating from Dean and is pregnant again.

Natalie decides to stay in Harchester with Sean, and they finally act on their feelings, but Natalie is unsure whether she is doing the right thing being pregnant with Sean's brother's baby. Natalie tells Sean she is going away for some time to decide what she wants, and Sean believes she has left him. While Natalie is away, Sean begins a new relationship with Mica Masters, and even marries her on a drunken weekend in Las Vegas. Feeling guilty when his friend, Mica's brother Warren dies, Sean decides to stand by Mica and on the day of their official wedding ceremony, Natalie returns to Sean's shock. Sean is torn once more when Natalie pleads with him to stay with her, but ultimately decides he can't have this hanging over him forever, and tells her things are over for good. Natalie leaves, heavily pregnant to an uncertain future.