Nicole Caskey (Cassandra Bell) 2005

First Regular Appearance: 8.23 (#347) The Sting  Sunday 27th March 2005

Last Regular Appearance: 8.32 (#356) Play Off  Sunday 29th May 2005

Duration: EP: 347 - 356 ½ SE: 8.23 – 8.32

Position: Model / Wife of Carl Caskey

Last Seen: Watching the Play Off final in Cardiff. Leaves after Barker causes the death of her husband.


A moderately successful model, Nicole was born in America where she spent her formative years. With work giving her the opportunity to travel, Nicole found herself in London quite a lot, and one such job in 2000 brought her to Charlton Athletic football club where she met team Defender Carl Caskey. Nicole developed a fascination with the English game, and Carl himself once being an England hopeful was all too happy to spend time with her divulging all the details. The two fell in love and Nicole moved permanently to the UK, gaining a great relationship with Carl's young daughter from his first marriage, Savannah.

A couple of years into their marriage, the start of long financial difficulties begin for the family when a knee injury stalls Carl's career. Now in his early thirties, his recovery is slower than that of a younger player, and before he can return to the pitch Carl finds himself out of contract with Charlton. Heavily in debt and facing losing their home, their prayers are seemingly answered when Carl's old friend Fletch, from his youth team days at Harchester United pays a visit. Fletch tells Carl he might be able to get him a trial at the now Championship club. Fletch wants to help his friend get back on his feet, but there's an ulterior motive: he and Dean Boyle want to trap ruthless manager Don Barker into accepting a bribe from agent Joel Brooks, which will see him out of the club.

Nicole is extremely hopeful as Carl has his trial, but unknown to her, she has caught the eye of Barker just by being there. When it looks as though he isn't going to be signed, Nicole arranges a meet with Barker to try and make him change his mind. Here she lets slip about Fletch's visit, which Barker knew nothing about, and uses it to his advantage to let Nicole know she could help in another way, which she is appalled at. Worse comes to worse and the bailiffs empty the Caskey's house and take Nicole's car. With no place at the club, Nicole reluctantly phones Barker knowing what he'll want her to do, while Carl is in return offered a place in the team for a reserve match.

Having slept with Don, a contract with the club for husband was expected, but when it is learnt that Carl will only be paid when he is selected to play, Nicole realises Barker will want to sleep with her everytime beforehand. After a plan with Fletch, Dean and Gina to record Barker and expose him to Eli Knox fails, Nicole is warned by Don that she has no other option but to continue their little arrangement or the family will get no money. Nicole is forced to go in for more, but this time, Carl pays an unexpected visit to Barker's hotel room and sees his wife standing there topless. The team force Barker out, but Carl is unable to forgive Nicole, and makes her leave their home.

When Savannah does a disappearing act due to her family's separation and Carl drinking more again, Nicole steps back in to help, and they discover Savannah has started a relationship with Ryan Naysmith. With Nicole's support, Carl learns to accept that his daughter wants to be with Ryan, and he and Nicole get back together. Nicole is there to see Carl as part of the team that wins the club promotion at the Millennium Stadium. However after the game Barker ruins her life once and for all when crashing his car into the team coach, causing a massive explosion which kills Carl and his team mates. Having lost her husband, Nicole drifts away quietly with a broken heart.