Nichola “Nikki” Peggs (Nina Muschallik) 2001-2004

Guest Appearance: 4.18 (#220)  Sunday 11th February 2001

First Regular Appearance: 5.1 (#229) Passports Out  Sunday 16th September 2001

Last Regular Appearance: 8.3 (#327) Last Exit to Harchester  Sunday 31st October 2004

Duration: EP: 220, 229 - 327 ½ SE: 4.18, 5.1 – 8.3

Position: Team Co-Ordinator / Receptionist (2001-2004) / Football Agent (2003-2004)

Last Seen: Saying goodbye to Jeff outside the club, heading abroad to begin her career as an agent solo.


Like Kelly James before her, Nikki put her ambitions on hold as she worked from the bottom ladder of Harchester United. First behind the counter at the Health Club, Nikki received her first promotion aged 22 to Harchester's team co-ordinator. Her parents had recently sold up and moved to Spain, leaving Nikki in charge of her brother Gary who is four years younger. The job now gave her the added pressure of watching over him at work in that big-sisterly way.


Nikki is in awe of co-worker Claudia Irving, with her feisty attitude and on the road to big things. Claudia is soon living at the Peggs’ family home, and though she causes Nikki to temporarily lose jobs a couple of times, club captain Stevie Shaw is on hand to help Nikki back on track. Stevie is Nikki’s knight in shining armour, and she views him as the perfect big brother for Peggsy. Young and naïve in this world of the exciting professional footballer, Gary is tempted into taking drugs, and falls from the side of a pool injuring his spine. While he will walk again, Peggsy’s career is over, and Nikki watches him leave to recover at their parents’.


After rescuing Claudia from being gassed by deranged Dawn, Nikki believes Stevie has cheated with her, and isolates herself from them both. Linton Alexander then gets with Nikki purposely to rile Stevie, and Stevie is worried knowing about Linton’s abusive past. Nikki witnesses this when Linton blames her when his young daughter wanders off, and Nikki realises she really does belong with Stevie. It is not to be though, as Stevie perishes with Claudia when the team coach crashes on route to the UEFA Cup Final.


Grieving at the beginning of the new season, Nikki develops an attachment to Linton's brother Curtis, but fears he will treat her in the same way his brother did. Nikki does however fall for lottery-winning club owner Phil Wallis, and even attempts a magic spell to make him return her feelings. A disastrous first date involves Phil standing naked in front of her on the pitch, and eventually, after giving the club away in a raffle, Nikki and Phil go their separate ways.


By late 2003, Nikki is feeling more downtrodden than ever, especially when boss-from hell Pilar Hernandez demotes her to receptionist. Nikki realises her potential with the guidance of mentor Jeff Stein, and sets about following her passion to becoming a football agent. Nikki and Jeff go into business together, with he a consultant with his knowledge of the profession, and she the hot-shot agent. Jeff brings them their first client – a teenage tearaway called Lee Presley. Lee has the hots for Nikki, but she can’t see him as anything more than a seventeen-year-old troublemaker. Lee brings a fair share of drama for Nikki and Jeff to contend; dodgy agent Joel Brooks sniffing around looking to snatch Lee away, plus thug John Wilson whom Tina Presley has ‘sold’ her son to. And when she fails her agent exams, Nikki goes as far as marrying Jeff in order to become Lee’s guardian and to represent him professionally.


When Harchester are relegated to the Championship, Nikki and Jeff look for a way to keep Lee at his professional pace, and are excited when Manchester United send an agent for talks. Don Barker is determined to keep Lee however, and encourages him to travel with the team to Portugal knowing it will scupper the Man U deal. Nikki flies out and after realising Lee was being forced into a deal he didn’t want, the two give into temptation. Nikki, though, is shocked when Lee reveals how Jeff has told him he feels Nikki has fallen for him! When Jeff discovers what is going on, he feels betrayed by Nikki and Lee, especially as the whole team knew before he thanks to Viv. Knowing that Nikki and Jeff do not wish to stay at a Championship club, and wanted a transfer for him to Barcelona, Lee decides to let them go with what would be their share of that deal.


Nikki, probably believing her relationship with Lee would not last long-term, says goodbye to Jeff and leaves for Spain, close to her family and her rightful place at a top La Liga club.

Nina Muschallik's Interview with Dream Team Diehard (September 2012)