Pilar Hernandez (Marem Hernandez) 2003-2004

Guest Appearance: 6.22 (#282) Signs and Wonders  Sunday 9th March 2003 – 6.25 (#285) Show Me The Money  Sunday 30th March 2003

First Regular Appearance: 7.1 (#293) Groundhog Day  Sunday 28th September 2003

Last Regular Appearance: 7.32 (#324) A Matter of Life and Death  Sunday 16th May 2004

Duration: EP: 282 - 285, 293 - 324 ½ SE: 6.22 – 6.25, 7.1 – 7.32

Position: Football Agent / Harchester United Chief Executive (2003-2004)

Last Seen: Being remanded in custody for her own protection after her involvement in Marcel’s mistaken assassination.



Raised in Spain, Pilar Hernandez always knew she would set herself to be the one who gave the orders, and not take them. Unsurprisingly choosing a career in business, she arrived in France in 1993 aged 18 to continue her studies, meeting Marcel Sabatier a short time later, who was just beginning his professional playing career. Marcel had an influence on Pilar, probably the only person to ever, and through him believed she found her calling to become a football agent. Marcel became her first client, and he now hot property signed to Paris St. Germain, she established herself with other talents among the top flight European clubs.


Over time however, Pilar's business-first personality and her ambition to succeed has alienated Marcel from her, and by 2002 he is ready to take former manager Patrick Doyle's offer to transfer to Harchester United. Here, Pilar and Marcel separate for the first time, though she remains his agent. Shortly into Marcel's first season with Harchester, another of Pilar's clients, Roberto Mendoza, signs from Real Madrid, but thanks to Patrick his career is ended during his press unveiling. It is later discovered through an FA investigation that Pilar and Jeff stole £2M pounds of Phil Wallis' money from Roberto's transfer, leading to a point's deduction for Harchester that Pilar is ultimately responsible for, though Jeff takes the bulk of the blame.


This leaves the way clear for Pilar to be appointed Harchester's Chief Executive when Phil raffles off the club to several potential owners. With a goal of qualifying for next season's Champions League, Pilar has her sights set on Barcelona striker Luke Davenport. When Pilar offers Stuart the position of manager, he sees for himself what he will have to go along with in order to keep the job, and watches as she burns Karl Fletcher's new contract. With Fletch out of the way, Pilar breaks the British transfer record for a player - €40M Euros for Luke Davenport. But Luke has his secrets: he suffers from an inherited eye condition which will leave him blind, and an embarrassed Pilar now tries to sell him on. Luke undergoes his operation, and Pilar, believing she will lose her job, flees back to Spain.


It takes Stuart to come and find Pilar and convince her to face up to her problems before she returns. Upon returning home, the two nearly kiss, but Pilar insists things will return to normal between them. It is now Coopers National Bank, Harchester's biggest creditors that come down on Pilar, threatening to pull the plug if the club drops below 6th place. Resorting to desperate measures, Pilar steals away Sheik Abdul Al-Shaziz from Fletch and Jeff Stein, and the two plot to see Harchester liquidated in order to buy the club for a knock-down price. Stuart is dead against throwing a game in order to lose, but Pilar knowing Stuart is secretly in love with her sleeps with him in order to get him on side.


When the team finds out, Stuart is forced to admit the match fixing, and to save herself Pilar announces he has resigned from the club. When Sheik Al-Shaziz's assistant, Mustafa Karim learns from Pilar that Stuart could spill all on the deception, he tells her they will take care of the problem. Pilar assumes it to mean they will find Stuart a new club elsewhere, but the next morning Marcel is found dead - having been mistakenly killed in place of Stuart! Pilar is guilt-ridden over the loss of the man she always loved, and doing the right thing, reveals the full truth at Marcel's memorial. Pilar is arrested for her actions, and for her own safety, is held in protective custody until Marcel's killers can be brought to justice.