Savannah Caskey (Hannah Tointon) 2005

First Regular Appearance: 8.23 (#347) The Sting  Sunday 27th March 2005

Last Regular Appearance: 8.32 (#356) Play Off  Sunday 29th May 2005

Duration: EP: 347 - 356 ½ SE: 8.23 – 8.32

Position: Student / Daughter of Carl Caskey

Last Seen: With Ryan and the police after Karl Fletcher’s body is found. Leaves off screen after her father’s death.


Savannah was born in Harchester in late 1988 to Carl and Katie Caskey. Her parents were still young when they had her, and the family moved to London in 1992  for Carl to take up a first-team place in defence with Charlton Athletic. Carl and Katie divorced while Savannah was a child, and growing up she spent time living with both parents. When Carl married Nicole, an American model in 2001, Savannah saw her as the glamorous big sister she'd never had, and had a  great relationship with her stepmum.

Now in high school, Savannah is supportive when her dad suffers a serious knee injury which keeps him from playing for a couple of years. During this time, the family falls into heavy debt, and things look dire when Carl is released from Charlton as they feel they have no further use for him. Now under threat from bailiffs, it's a relief when her dad's old friend Karl Fletcher visits with the opportunity of a trial at Harchester United. While her dad prepares himself for another big challenge, unbeknown to them both, Nicole is blackmailed into bed by evil manager Don Barker in order for Carl to play and money to come in. Savannah is tricked into letting the bailiffs into the house and, left with nothing, they move into a club-owned house at The Barrons.

When Carl discovers what Nicole has been made to do, he throws her out, leaving Savannah heartbroken. The separation leads to Carl drinking heavily, jeopardising his new place at the club. After Viv Wright makes a disastrous attempt to get Carl and Nicole to talk, Savannah finds her dad passed out drunk, and forgets being brave to go and tell Viv exactly what she thinks of him! Storming out, she bumps into Ryan Naysmith, who gladly offers to spend the day with her. Savannah loses track of time with Ryan and doesn't realise that Carl and Nicole's worry for her whereabouts is what actually puts them back together. Carl however, is not at all happy about Ryan being Savannah's boyfriend, but is eventually talked round by both Nicole and Ryan himself, realising he cannot stop his daughter seeing someone she likes.

When Harchester make the play off final to face West Ham in Cardiff, Savannah travels to watch but also so she and Ryan can treat it as a lovers weekend away. When Ryan's secret of his affair with Viv's wife Chelsea is exposed, he flees in Don Barker's pool car, but upon returning with Savannah to play they are both shocked when the police open the boot to find Fletch's dead body. As they are separately questioned, Barker knows he has been caught, and drives his car into the Harchester team coach as they celebrate their win, causing a massive explosion to rip through killing all on board. Savannah is devastated at her father's death, and finds it too painful being near the club, and thus, she and Ryan break up.