Scott Lucas (Luke Mably) 1999-2001, 2002

First Regular Appearance: 3.1 (#141)  Tuesday 21st September 1999

Last Regular Appearance: 4.21 (#223)  Sunday 11th March 2001

Guest Appearance: 6.3 (#263) Easy Come, Easy Go  Sunday 20th October 2002

Duration: EP: 141 - 223, 263 ½ SE: 3.1 – 4.21, 6.3

Squad Number/Position: (#8 / #9) Striker (1999-2001)

Last Seen: Rejecting a move back to the Lair from Chelsea, when Patrick Doyle wouldn’t play him as a striker.


Scott was born in 1977, and raised in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. When he was eight years old his younger brother Darren was born, and a short time afterwards, Alex Lucas left the family leaving Carole Lucas to raise the boys on her own. Scott was deeply affected by his father's abandoning of him, and he carried the pain around growing up, but never letting anyone else see it. Previously kind and polite, Scott now pushed away anyone before they could get too close, with aggression and moodiness. Football became his way of hiding any personal trauma, and throwing himself into the game moulded a great talent and set in place what would become a secure future for Scott. As his skill began to get him noticed, Scott developed an arrogance which would wind up many other players around him, both on opposite teams and in his own dressing room. His first professional team was Millwall, having spent his youth career there with it being local.

It was while in the Millwall first team that Scott was selected for Peter Taylor's England Under-21 squad, which led to a hefty interest from the Premier League, surprised by the young striker who had been languishing in Division 2. Liverpool provided the most attractive offer, maybe more for Millwall themselves than Scott, and he signed for the club in the summer of 1997. Scott looked at the move as an overdue promotion, and relished his appearances in a Premier League side, but began to get disillusioned after a while. With bigger characters in the team, Scott found himself rarely first, or even second choice, as striker and found a sympathetic ear in new agent Jeff Stein to moan about team mates and Gerard Houllier to. In his second season with Liverpool, tensions boil over between Lucas and Houllier, and Jeff is advised by both sides that the best thing would be to find Scott a new club. When Jeff came back with an offer from Harchester United, Scott was impressed; a prominent gap had been left for a striker with Karl Fletcher's departure to Real Mallorca, plus Luis Rodriguez had been a childhood idol and was now in the player/managerial seat.

Signing for five and a half million, Scott was determined to make his own mark in the team, which included putting a stop to any comparison between he and Fletch. His new strike partner, Sean Hocknell had previously been in the same role with Fletch, so Scott was in no rush to make friends. Sean was going through a bad patch with his game suffering, but Scott had no time to care and didn't let up in his criticism of Sean, which led to a clash between the two caught by the television cameras after a game. Though Sean found his form again, and there was a new found respect between he and Scott that was sadly short lived. In the aftermath of the plane crash and the loss of several of his new team mates, Scott is a support to a grief-stricken Billy, but puts his foot in it at the memorial when Fletch takes offence at his tactless discussion of Sean's playing style and punches him. Things don't get any better for his own position when Wes Kingsley, who had always been a lower league player up until coming to the club, is brought in as Sean's replacement. Things come to a head when after being left out of the team's UEFA Cup Tie with Rangers, Scott demands another transfer. When this is refused, Scott stages his own strike and hides out at his mother's house. With Scott's value decreasing the longer he refuses to play, Jeff gets worried after enjoying his client's dramatics at first, and joins forces with temporary manager Gordon Gallagher to get Scott back in the team.

Eddie Moliano was Scott's sidekick in the team, lapping up any of his antics like an impressed puppy. When Scott invited him and some of the team to get in on the action with his new lover Mel, Eddie could never have imagined that he would be watching Scott get off with his sixteen-year-old sister - Gina! While horrified at first, Eddie became more worried what his two older brothers Tony and Marco would do when the story was leaked to the papers. Scott gets duffed up again but the most important thing being his legs aren't touched. This is a wake-up call to Scott that he needs to start taking things more seriously, and he accepts PR company owner Ann Patterson's offer of being his public image representative. Spending more time together, Ann comes to realise how far apart she is from her fiancée Michael and that there could be something between her and Scott. When Scott tells her he is in love with her on the morning of her wedding to Michael, Ann realises she can't marry a man she no longer feels the same about, and cancels the wedding.

Scott and Ann begin to make a serious go at things, with Ann moving into Scott's flat. After only a short time however, Scott is put out with the amount of time Ann is dedicating to her clients and work, bringing it all home into the flat, and an argument is followed by Scott cheating on her. Ann finishes with him, and desperate to win her back, Scott tells her he will get his head sorted out by seeing a therapist. Here for the first time, Scott opens up about the pain of rejection he feels about his father, and makes a conscious decision that he will do something about it. Over the summer, Ann discovers she is pregnant with Scott's baby, and early into the new season, she gives birth to a son, Sam. Scott's relationship with Ann never truly recovered although they remained on good terms, stronger now they have a son together. Ann wants to take time out of business to be a mom, and she goes to live with her mother in Bristol, promising Scott he can see his son whenever he wants. Gutted to see them leave, Scott decides it is time to put his own personal trauma regarding his father in order.

Scott visits his mom and is shocked to learn that his dad only lives around the corner from her, and discovers the reason he left - Carole had an affair and Darren was the result, meaning he and Scott do not have the same father as he always thought. Scott went to see his dad but he was distant, having long since married a new wife and settled with two young half-brothers Scott never knew existed. He invited them to watch him play at the Lair, but afterwards Alex told him it would be best if they did not see each other, for Scott's rich footballer lifestyle could not be a stable influence on his family's ordinary life. He left Scott knowing he did love him, and had always followed his career proudly, but could never be the dad he wanted him to be. Having found some closure with his past demons, Scott thrived on the pitch, even being made temporary captain when Matt Conlon was out. With the club suffering financial woes, Scott is unable to get a payrise so hands in a transfer request, and soon it looks set that he will leave for Aston Villa. Scott then brakes his ankle and will be out-injured for some time, just as Ann returns to Harchester to sell the remainder of her company to Victoria Baptiste. Ann can see that Scott is now a more grounded, sensible man, and he jumps at the chance for the three of them to be a proper family again. Scott and Ann left while his ankle recovered, and he signed for Chelsea.

A year and a half later, word reached Harchester chairman Phil Wallis that Scott was ready to move on again, this time from Chelsea, and he saw a golden opportunity to win over the Dragons fans by resigning Scott - a Harchester legend. Scott visited the club and met up with Tash Parker, informing her that he and Ann had split up once again, but was still seeing Sam all the time. Evil Patrick Doyle knows he can't have Scott rejoining the team, for it would put his relegation plans for the club in serious jeopardy, so he deliberately won't play Scott in his preferred position as striker. Scott says there will be no deal unless he can play as a striker and leaves to find another club.