Sean Campbell (David Ajala) 2007

First Regular Appearance: 10.15 (#402) Deadline Day  Sunday 4th February 2007

Last Regular Appearance: 10.32 (#419) The Final Whistle Part Two  Sunday 3rd June 2007

Duration: EP: 402 - 419 ½ SE: 10.15 – 10.32

Squad Number/Position: (#4) Midfielder (2007)

Last Seen: In the squad against Chelsea for Harchester’s epic 21-year title bid.



Sean was raised in Deptford, South-East London, his mother Michelle was a young teenager when she had him and he never knew his father. Sean came from a poor background, but his mother gave him the best life she could and he had a happy upbringing, always able to get the most out of any situation he found himself in. His future in football began when he signed for his local Under 11's team, and it was clear from these early years that Sean had the potential to reach a professional career.

In his late teens he was scouted by and signed with Southend United's youth team, and after a short while it was evident that he would be moving up to the first team. Spending a total of three years at the club, the January 2007 transfer window saw 22-year-old Sean be sent on-loan to his first Premier League side, Harchester United. Jimmy Craig had been impressed and believed Sean could be a vital addition to the club's final push for its first Title win in 21 years. He sent club agent Tony Franks to secure the deal, he having known Sean for several years, and with a disillusioned Danny Sullivan heading to Southend in his place.

Not impressed with his immediate sense of humour, the boys test Sean to see if he will take the 'new boy treatment' they dish out, only to be shocked that he got in first with their clothing paying the price! Sean clashes with Liam the most, and continues to rub the club captain up the wrong way, aside from the nickname "Haggis"! Always with his eye on a girl, Sean encounters the newly-awoken Gemma, and after a couple of drinks they are in bed together. Liam, who is in love with Gemma, storms in and drags Gemma from the bed, accusing Sean of taking advantage. Soon the two realise they have to make it count where it matters - on the pitch, and the two form a strong partnership in midfield.

Sean's closest friends in the team are Miguel Lopez and Gavin Moody, and being a force to be reckoned with on the pitch liked to celebrate in style off of it! Known as the Invincible trio, Miguel introduces the boys to Freddericks casino and the world of spread betting, which they become addicted to following a run of good luck. When that luck changes, the three end up owing thousands of pounds they don't have. Also at this time, Michelle arrives in Harchester to collect £150,000 Sean had promised in order for her to set up her own salon. When Sean can't give her all the money, and after finding Miguel's hidden sports bag with thousands of pounds, Michelle believes Sean is gambling with Miguel. She leaves very disappointed with her son, having struggled to make ends meet when he was a child and seeing how he now treats money.

Sean is present when J.F chokes on his gum and dies, and when the whole team turn on Jason for supposedly being Dragonslayer, he confesses he was on his own with J.F when he died, and the Invincibles are forced to come clean about the whole thing. Sean was always furious whenever his mom would flirt with Miguel, but more than anything, Tony Franks seemed to have a connection with both Michelle and Sean. Could it have been possible that Franks was Sean's real father?