Sean Hocknell (Daymon Britton) 1997-1999

First Regular Appearance: 1.1 (#1)  Tuesday 14th October 1997

Last Regular Appearance: 3.4 (#144)  Thursday 30th September 1999

Duration: EP: 1 – 144 ½ SE: 1.1 - 3.4

Squad Number/Position: #15 (Striker) (1998-1999) / #35 Youth Team (1997-1998)

Last Seen: Present on Biloo’s doomed flight, confirmed fatality of the crash.


The youngest son of 1970’s Dragons legend Ken “Sammy” Hocknell, by the age of seventeen Sean Hocknell had left the family home in Newcastle, and followed older brother Dean to the Harchester United youth team. Sean was under YT Coach, and his father’s old team mate Frank Patcham’s watchful eye, as Dean progressed into the first team at the start of the 1997-98 season. Although Sean always felt Frank saw him as inferior to his brother, Frank in fact had come to view Sean and fellow youth-teamer Warren Masters as surrogate sons, and his comparisons with Dean were his way of moulding Sean to believe he could be just as good as his brother.


Sean and Dean lodged together at a digs for Harchester’s youth team, and were accompanied by Vincent Osamabiku, who became Sean’s best friend. The family running the digs had a daughter a year younger than Sean, Zoe, and the two had a fiery relationship, though Sean enjoyed winding her up (as it was so easy to do), he became concerned when she began dating Noah, who he had an instinct was too good to be true. At first it appeared that Sean was simply jealous, but his attempts to expose the two-timing Noah showed that he did in fact really care about Zoe. Away from this, Sean had his head turned by Trudi Payton, getting on her wrong side before discovering she was in fact the new physio. The result of this was Trudi handcuffing Sean to a goalpost in his boxers, and circulating photographs as a warning she wasn’t a girl to be messed with. The two continue to have a casual relationship based on acting out Trudi’s fantasies! Though Sean is later consumed with bitterness when Conor McCarthy has a night of passion with "his" Trudi!


When Vincent fails a drugs test, Sean is gutted when he leaves without saying goodbye. When Dean returns from a loan spell in Italy bringing with him a new fiancée, Natalie, Sean develops strong feelings for her. But he knew his loyalty to his brother would always come first, even when Natalie may well reciprocate his feelings. Sean puts his doubts aside to see the newly married Dean and Natalie leave when he transfers to a new club in Turkey. At this time, Sean learned from Frank that he had secured his place in Harchester’s first team for the new season.


Sean was paired up with star-striker Karl Fletcher, and the two were an unstoppable force on the pitch, with Fletch taking over from Dean in an almost big brother role to Sean. Out of nowhere, Natalie arrived back in England where, to Sean’s horror, he learnt Dean had been beating her up. Sean promised to protect Natalie, and the two began to believe they could make a go of things, but pregnant with Dean’s baby, Natalie eventually returned to him in Turkey. At the Christmas of 1998, a new woman, and the sister of Warren, Mica enters Sean’s life. The two head to Las Vegas for a weekend, and both seriously drunk, end up getting married. Sean wanted out of the marriage, and finally found the courage to tell Mica only for them to be interrupted by Frank with the news that Warren had been found dead in his flat, a victim of carbon-monoxide poisoning.


Sean felt he should support Mica following this event, and the two organised an official wedding ceremony - with Sean even turning down a newly-returned Natalie in order to stand by his wife. Mica however, began to realise that Sean’s heart wasn’t fully in it, and in embarrassment claimed Sean’s team mate Luis Amor Rodriguez had attacked her when she had really made a failed drunken pass at him. Sean refused to play with Luis, which caused a divide between him and the team. Sean learned the truth though, and ended things with Mica before making a plea to his team mates to forgive him, which they did in time for Sean to play in Harchester’s historic FA Cup final.


In the summer of 1999, Fletch is sold to Real Mallorca and Sean misses his best friend deeply. Things are made worse as Fletch’s replacement is the cocky Scott Lucas, who takes great pleasure in winding up Sean. Sean begins to fear his talent with the ball is slipping away, and so might his time with Harchester. He finds his form again in the all important away game to Ajax in Amsterdam, confirming afterwards that he intends to stay with the Dragons for the foreseeable future. Travelling home, Sean accepts the fateful offer from agent Biloo Kapur to fly home on his private jet, along with team mate Leon Richards and his fiancée Julie Alexander. The plane never makes it home, with the club left to assume a lightning strike left Sean and the others lost somewhere in the North Sea.


Sean is much missed by the club and all who knew him. His death sees a series of events, from Mica returning to claim compensation from the club as Sean’s widow, to the much-searched-for answer to the Wembley gunman mystery. The video of the day has been in Dean’s possession, who passes it to Fletch, who in turn gives it to Lynda and Luis, in which they spot Jerry Block paying the gunman, and ultimately use this to send Jerry on his way.


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