Siobhan Bandele (Alison Coffey) 2001

First Regular Appearance: 4.13 (#215)  Sunday 7th January 2001

Last Regular Appearance: 4.26 (#228)  Sunday 15th April 2001

Duration: EP: 215 - 228 ½ SE: 4.13 – 4.26

Position: Chambermaid / Wife of Monday Bandele

Last Seen: Planning a Caribbean holiday with Monday after Champions League qualification. Later leaves him in a letter!



Siobhan came from Northern Ireland, but as a young adult headed south to Dublin where she found a job in a four-star hotel as a chambermaid. It was just any other day in January 2001 when a trio from Harchester United in the English Premiership checked into the hotel, Siobhan not knowing the affect their arrival would have on her life. Agent Jeff Stein and his daughter Tash Parker were in Dublin to obtain a work permit for Nigerian striker Monday Bandele, only Monday is not eligible, and they realise the next best way of getting him this permit is for him to marry an EU citizen. Tash gets to know Siobhan at the hotel and thinks she may be the perfect candidate, persuading her that a much happier life would await her as the new Mrs Bandele, and it works when Siobhan and Monday make it to the alter.

The two settle into married life in Harchester as best they can, but are tested immediately when Monday's real fiancée from back home, Lola arrives. Obviously, she is not happy about the marriage to Siobhan, and Monday stays with Lola for the night to prove his commitment to her. There is a close shave when Monday has to make it back to Siobhan the next day, for them to keep up the pretence in front of immigration when they pay a visit. They succeed, and Monday's position at Harchester is safe once more, though his relationship with Lola doesn't survive in the long run.

Siobhan's friendships with the other Harchester wives helps her get by during the arranged marriage to Monday, and she joins them in their quest to prove gold-digger Maria is playing Eddie Moliano. She is also a good confidant to Lynda when she is unsure whether to keep the baby she is carrying by the married Ray Wyatt. Siobhan reveals she had an abortion and has regretted the decision, which convinces Lynda to keep her baby. Lynda however, suffers a miscarriage, and Siobhan is there to console her in the immediate aftermath. When Siobhan hears nothing from her family on her birthday, she is upset to learn it is because of her unconventional marriage to Monday. Monday decides to make a genuine effort with Siobhan and soon it appears there is a spark between them at last.

As Harchester qualify for their first ever Champions League, Siobhan requests the Caribbean for she and Monday to have their honeymoon at last. Shortly before the new season, Monday returns from Nigeria where he has picked up an injury during a friendly. However he is concerned that Siobhan wasn't in contact while he was away, and with Tash, finds a letter waiting for him at the house. Siobhan has gone back to Ireland now that Monday's position is secure, adding that the marriage never would have worked out. Monday is sad at her departure, and the beginning of another of his complicated relationships, this time with Tash, begins soon after.