Stevie Shaw (Adam Allfrey) 2001-2002

First Regular Appearance: 5.1 (#229) Passports Out  Sunday 16th September 2001

Last Regular Appearance: 5.32 (#260) Forsaking All Others  Sunday 5th May 2002

Duration: EP: 229 - 260 ½ SE: 5.1 – 5.32

Squad Number/Position: #7 (Centre Defence) (Captain) (2001-2002)

Last Seen: Same coach to the UEFA Cup Final as Danny, Claudia and Linton. Same crash. Same death.


Growing up in a crime and poverty-stricken area, it was football that set Stevie apart from his school friends who were getting in trouble with the police. His ability got him noticed, and in 1995 aged seventeen Stevie's professional career began with Charlton Athletic. As an up-and-coming midfielder, Stevie regularly found himself compared to Roy Keane rather than being recognised for his own talent. Stevie was a part of The Valiants' side that won promotion in 1998, only to be relegated the following year. The summer of 1999 however saw the end of Stevie's time with Charlton, upon falling into bed with the wife of team mate Linton Alexander, Linton's young son Michael ran into the road and was killed. The two men could no longer play together, and it was the guilty Stevie who was shipped off to Aston Villa, still for a respectable three million pounds.


Two seasons with Villa gave Shaw an FA Cup Semi-Final and a Final against Chelsea, cementing his Premier League status. Across the way from Birmingham, Alan Rothman had been appointed manager of Harchester United and wasted no time swapping Campbell Hooper for Stevie, having had his eye on the midfielder for a long time. Such was Rothman's faith in Shaw he immediately made him the club's new captain, knowing his strong, fearless nature was something his team mates had always respected. Stevie's time under Rothman was short lived, for his dodgy dealings in a fake AC Milan move he planned for he and his captain led to the manager being caught out and sacked.


When Stevie makes a bet with team mate Andrei Belanov on who could sleep with Lynda Block's PA Claudia first, it comes back to bite him when Claudia discovers Stevie is engaged to not one but two women! It is Team Co-ordinator Nikki who Stevie really wants to get close to though, and he befriends her brother Gary who has just joined as an apprentice from the youth team. Stevie is also a good friend to Karl Fletcher, raising support for Fletch to be able to play in the team's UEFA Cup tie against Palma, while he is on trial for murder. Fletch repays him by allowing Stevie to live at his house at The Barrons.


Stevie's worst nightmare returns when he comes face to face with Linton for the first time in over two years, when a stunt by the Alexander brothers sees the troubled elder sibling sign for Harchester. Linton set about ruining things between Stevie and Nikki, determined to take Nikki only because of Stevie's actions with his ex-wife. While this began to happen, Stevie's state of mind and form on the pitch began to suffer, knowing Linton could turn nasty with Nikki as he'd done with his children's mother. Stevie lost control during half time in a game against West Ham and went for Linton, with he receiving the punishment of a six-match ban and Patrick Doyle removing his captaincy to Danny Rawsthorne.


It isn't long before Nikki realises Stevie was right about Linton, and gets away from him before things can turn nastier. Things get back on track with Nikki when she learns Stevie is the buyer of her family home, thinking she had lost it when about to move in with Linton but can now stay. For the UEFA Cup Semi Final 2nd Leg, Stevie regains his captain's armband and scores the goal which qualifies Harchester for the Final against AC Milan in Amsterdam. Leaving on the coach from outside the Dragon's Lair, it makes it as far as the M1 before skidding off the road and down an embankment. Though Stevie is taken from the wreckage alive he later dies from his injuries in hospital.