Warren Masters (Clinton Kenyon) 1997-1999

First Regular Appearance: 1.1 (#1)  Tuesday 14th October 1997

Last Regular Appearance: 2.45 (#109)  Tuesday 2nd February 1999

Duration: EP: 1 - 109 ½ SE: 1.1 – 2.45

Squad Number/Position: #24 (Defender) (1998-1999; out-injured throughout) / #34 Youth Team (1997-1998)

Last Seen: Unseen for three days, police called by Julie and Kelly. Found dead in his flat from carbon monoxide poisoning.



Warren had always been a victim of circumstance. He was surrounded by trouble throughout his early life growing up in Leeds; his mother was a drug addict, big sister Mica accomplished in deceit and theft, and their father Kenny was jailed for attempted murder. Naturally a number of unsavoury characters were brought into Warren's life, and a life of crime took hold, braking into and stealing cars plus burglary saw Warren locked up in a detention centre at only fifteen. Inside the centre Warren got his footballing skills noticed, the only time he seemed to follow authority and leave behind his moodiness and aggression was when he was in the side set up by the young offenders. He was already impressive in the defence position and here was the opportunity he needed to set his life onto a better track - someone to take a chance on him which came with an agent scouting for Harchester United. Youth team manager Frank Patcham was impressed with what he saw from Warren, and in 1996 aged seventeen he was accepted into Harchester's youth team and released into the care of Des and Lynette Baker at the digs they ran.

Despite still troubled, Warren thrives in the youth team this season, but his past is never far behind. He connects with his dad's girlfriend Mandy who, mother to Warren's half-sister Kayleigh, brings him some much needed family, and the three move into a flat together. This is followed by a visit from a dodgy associate of Kenny's, Doug Hastings, whose menacing presence leads to Warren giving him a beating, and in trouble with the law again. His hearing begins shortly into his second season in the youth team, and Frank strongly defends Warren, explaining how his life will fall apart again if he goes to prison. Frank and Mandy are relived when Warren gets off with community service, and now closer than ever, Warren and Mandy give into their feelings and begin an affair. When Kenny is released from prison, he learns of his son's relationship with his girlfriend and all hell breaks loose, with Kenny winding up back inside and Mandy later takes Kayleigh and leaves Warren alone.

During this season, Warren's closest friends are his long-term buddy Sean Hocknell, and newcomer Conor McCarthy. Conor and Warren become a real double-act, and often led by Warren, Conor is dragged into a number of disastrous schemes Warren has cooked up, usually to make some easy cash. These include damaging the hearse carrying Michael Jacobs' coffin on the day of his funeral, Conor having to pretend to be Warren as an escort to the flirtatious Aunt Marjorie, and the two opening a burger van which results in Conor having a messy encounter with Doug, who steals away their new business. At the end of the season it's make or break time for Warren - literally! He finds out he is to be offered a contract with the first team, but there is a shock waiting for him when he arrives home to the flat, for Kenny has sent Doug and another heavy round to break Warren's knees with metal poles. Warren out runs them, but in trying to get away he jumps from a height over the side of the railings and ends up breaking his leg for real.

It is a long road to recovery for Warren, and he painfully has to watch as everyone else in the team carries on without him. To keep Warren motivated, Coates places him under Frank's watch again in the youth team, though this leads to Warren suffering a further injury in a game against Arsenal's Under 19's and requires surgery on his ligament. Soon the only one keeping a constant eye on Warren is canteen girl Julie Alexander, who becomes a good friend which briefly develops into romance. Warren is protective of Julie when Mica arrives in town, knowing she will try to lead Julie astray with her troublesome nature. Warren becomes increasingly isolated from all those around him, even pushing Julie away. It's the final straw when he is told his leg will never withhold the strength of a professional footballing career and thus Warren is left with nothing.


When three days go by and no-one has heard anything from Warren, it is Julie who sets about a search. With Kelly, they bring the police to break down the door of the flat, and Warren is found dead inside, having succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning. Julie feels tremendous guilt afterwards, and Frank has to break the news to Mica and Sean, who have just returned from eloping to Las Vegas.