Zena Young (Danielle Brown) 1999

First Regular Appearance: 3.2 (#142)  Thursday 23rd September 1999

Last Regular Appearance: 3.21 (#161)  Tuesday 30th November 1999

Duration: EP: 142 - 161 ½ SE: 3.2 – 3.21

Position: Receptionist / Chairman’s PA (1999)

Last Seen: Leaving to become a music reporter after getting her way with Wes at last.



Always with a happy, optimistic view on life, Zena was hired as club receptionist and P.A to the chairman Jerry Block as Harchester United was settling into its new home at the Dragon's Lair.


She makes friends with fellow workmates Julie Alexander and Kelly James, and when a plane crash kills several members of the team travelling back from a game in Amsterdam, Zena shows her initiative as a club employee and her worth as a friend.


Zena is excited when Wes Kingsley is a new signing in the aftermath of the crash, as she has a major crush on him which Kelly can see all too well. Wes however, is more put off by Zena's outrageous advances. When it is learnt that Zena has won her dream job interviewing famous music stars however, they take the opportunity to have a 'goodbye' one-night-stand.


One is left to wonder if Zena ever got to sit down and chat with Mel B?