Ann Kavanagh (Amy Huberman)

Appeared: Dream Team 80’s Episodes 2 - 3 (Sunday 28th May – Sunday 4th June 2006)

Occupation: Harchester United Receptionist / Team Coordinator (1981-1986)


To the players and staff of 1980's Harchester United, Ann Kavanagh was their very own Celtic Woman. They admired her Gaelic charm and viewed her with a touch of exoticness, despite her only being from across the Irish sea. After leaving school, Ann had joined her other relatives already living in the English Midlands, in search of beginning her adult working life. Not long after arriving, she got a job on Harchester United's reception, something that greatly impressed her football mad relatives both locally and back home in Ireland. Sure, Harchester were no Liverpool or Manchester United, but had a loyal following and there was great excitement at whichever player Ann actually got to speak to!


Ann herself really only had her eye on one HUFC star, defender Terry Glover who at this time was making the transition from reserves to the first team. She knows he is the ex of her colleague Susan Porter and is still hung up on her, but Ann hopes he will show an interest in her. Terry's parents come down from Yorkshire when Terry gets to start against Wolves, and his mother takes a liking to Ann right away. A few months later at the grand opening of Jonny Fletcher's bar Studs, Susan gets engaged to Terry's former team mate Mike Maynard. Ann is the one who reveals the news to Terry, and without her knowing he is gutted inside, Terry kisses Ann, and she feels he has finally made his move.


While Susan and Mike have a long engagement, Ann spends the next couple of years as Terry's girlfriend, during which she is promoted to team coordinator and Terry gets his permanent call-up to the first team. In 1985 Ann discovers she is pregnant, with Terry proposing upon learning this, and he and Ann rush to sort out the wedding before the baby is born. Terry and Ann marry when she is six months pregnant, and at the reception, a tired Ann has to leave early to go and rest. Terry is now left with the lonely Susan, and the two dance as if they are the ones who have just gotten married! Susan confides in her old boyfriend that she thinks she married the wrong man, and Terry is both confused and conflicted about this.


For the sake of his marriage and soon to be family, Terry tries to stay away from Susan, but one night the inevitable happens and he and Susan sleep together. They are walked in on by Kevin, who has been looking for Terry - Ann has gone into labour earlier than expected. Terry gets to the hospital and Ann has already given birth to a son, and Terry is consumed with guilt. He tells Ann from now on she and the baby will come first, making it clear to himself that what happened between he and Susan was a one-off, which Ann never finds out about.