Dream Team 80’s

Episode 1


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 21st May 2006





Mrs Quinn (Heather Tobias)  Mr Maynard (Jonathan Barlow)

Mrs Maynard (Gaynor BarrettBarry Davies (Commentator)





Produced By John Salthouse

Directed By Rob McGillivray


It’s October 1980, and Mike Maynard travels with his parents to Addison Road, where they are introduced to Harry Sidwell, the Chairman and manager of Harchester United. At the training ground, two other apprentices, Kevin Nelson and Terry Glover, are cleaning the first team's boots when Youth Team manager Alan Mackay comes in to inform Terry that he had to let his best mate, Lloydy go, and there's a new boy moving into the digs tonight who will take his place in the team. Terry doesn't react well to the news. By nightfall, Alan has driven Mike and his parents to Mrs Quinn's house, where he is introduced to Kevin and Terry. Mr Maynard makes it clear he isn't happy that Mike will be associating with Kevin, who is black, and is taken down a peg by Mrs Quinn. As he is shown his room, Mike apologises for his dad, and soon realises that Terry would rather still have his old mate around. The boys arrive at reception for the game, and Terry's girlfriend Susan Porter is upset. Her dad has been laid off from his job, and she wants Terry's support, but he is more interested in the game. Alan arrives with his wife, Isabelle, and there is an immediate glance between her and Kevin.


Kevin and Mike enter the first team dressing room, where Jonny Fletcher is being pestered by his eight-year-old son, and asks Mike to deal with him. Mike introduces himself to the boy, and in return learns he is Karl Fletcher, and already has his great big future at Harchester mapped out in his head. Mike sits in the stands with Mrs Quinn and the others, and Jonny scores during the game. Terry has taken Susan back to the house, where he assures her her dad will be OK as there is a union at her father's work and "nobody ever beats the union(!)". Soon they are making out in the front room. At the club, Kevin informs Mike they have to distract Mrs Quinn before she gets home and finds Terry with Susan, as he could be kicked out for bringing a girl back to the house. The three arrive back as Terry and Susan make with their clothes and dash upstairs. Susan hides half naked in Mike's room and he gets a surprise when he goes in. Once Mrs Quinn is out of the way, Susan thanks Mike and tip-toes out, leaving Mike in love.


The next day is Mike's first day training with the youth team, and Harry comes over accompanied by Jonny to check Mike out. A brawl ensues when Terry reminds Mike that he takes the penalties for the team, and Harry suggests a wager between him and Jonny over who can do best out of three between Mike and Terry. The lads make it two each with Terry missing his last, and Kevin tells Mike to miss his shot as his life won't be worth living if he costs Fletcher £250. Mike ends up scoring and Jonny is not best pleased. Mike returns to change in the dressing room to find his clothes have been cut up, and shoes filled with orange juice, the culprit expectedly Terry. As he leaves in a huff, Mike bumps into Susan who hands him the registration forms he needs to fill in, and upon doing so, learns Mike can't drive. She offers to begin giving him lessons that afternoon. Alan gives Kevin (or "Snowball" as he refers to him in a racist way) the task of driving his car home to Isabelle, who invites him in for tea. Kevin and Isabelle get talking, and she learns he is from London, Tottenham in fact. They find common ground that they are both homesick, and find the Midlands a strange place. That night Susan drives Mike home and finds that she herself is beginning to develop feelings for him.


 Mike, Terry, Kevin and Mrs


Mike and the 8-year-old Fletch!



Mike and Susan

 Isabelle and Kevin

Two months pass to December, and the youth team take on Oxford United's youth squad in the Midlands Youth Cup. Despite having a rough reception from the other side, Kevin's pass leads to a winning goal from Mike, and his luck is up another way when Isabelle turns up to watch the game. In the showers, Terry congratulates Mike on a good performance, as Mike leaves to continue his secret driving lessons with Terry's girlfriend! Outside, Alan tells Kevin he needs to go over to Leicester and, at her request, would he drive Isabelle home?! On the way, Isabelle asks Kevin to pull over, saying she can't go home and be alone. She suggests he take her to one of the neighbouring towns (Dudley, Wolverhampton or Birmingham) for an hour, just to have a drink. Mike and Susan are in the car and Mike whines about he felt like crap after Terry congratulated him on the game. He makes the reverse and celebrates finally achieving it - before he and Susan move in for a kiss.


Kevin and Isabelle find a bar, but inside Kevin won't be served, and he informs Isabelle he is only seventeen. Realising where she is, Isabelle runs out to the car, and tells Kevin she's found herself at a bar with a seventeen-year-old she hardly knows because she is too scared to be alone in her own home. Kevin drives her home and gives her something to help her sleep. Before he leaves, the two end up kissing, before Kevin lets himself out. Mike and Susan check into a very different looking Grange Hotel (as it looked in 1980) for secret nookie, and upon leaving bump into Jonny and his wife, Trish (Karl's mother). A clear love-rat himself, Jonny recognises what's going on between the two but promises their secret is safe with him. As they reach the foyer, Harry spots Mike and informs him that he wants him to start training with the first team, and Mike is elated.


Christmas Day comes, and from saving their tips, the boys have bought Mrs Quinn a new microwave oven. They then go through their presents from their parents, with Terry receiving a Sony Walkman (tapes will wipe out Vinyl he tells Kevin), and Kevin receiving a cocktail book from none other than Isabelle! Mrs Quinn then gives the boys their presents from her - personal souvenirs of hers from the 1966 World Cup. They include squad photos and a book of the fixtures. Mrs Quinn tells the boys she and her late husband Liam were at the final, and hopes these will be an inspiration to them to get there themselves. Mike has to leave to train with the first team, and Terry tells Kevin to cover for him as he needs to see Susan.


On the training pitch, Harry starts another wager involving Mike, this time between him and Jonny, and a determined Jonny bets £500 he could beat Mike in a “Doggies” race. Before they start, Jonny warns Mike that he better let him win, otherwise he will be telling Terry all about him and Susan! During the race, Mike is too fast for Jonny, and Jonny ends up falling down with cramp, causing Mike to run off and find Terry before Jonny gets to him first. He finds Terry inside with Susan, and is in the process of proposing to her. Susan tells Terry she can't, as she is in love with someone else. Terry sees the look between Mike and Susan and knows. Susan leaves them and Mike tries to explain to Terry that it was just something that happened, before Terry gives him a good kicking.













Jonny and Trish Fletcher

 Kevin, Isabelle

 Susan, Mike and Terry

Isabelle, Kevin


The next day, Harry tells Mike his stunt from yesterday worked in his favour, as Fletcher's hamstring is knackered so he will be starting Mike in today's game against Tottenham. Mike has a great start when he scores, and the high hopes for him officially begin. Kevin meanwhile, has snuck away from the game to find out why Isabelle hasn't turned up. He goes to her house where he confesses that he's in love with her, but Isabelle just accuses him of being horny. Soon however, the two are making love in her and Alan's bed! During the second half of the game, Mike takes a bad knock to his knee and is on the ground in agony. The crowd, including his parents and Susan, are seriously worried for Mike as he is stretchered off the pitch.


 Mike, Kevin, Terry



By March 1981, Mike is still on crutches, and it is clear that his career as a footballer is over. He is heading back to Chester and comes to say goodbye to the lads in the youth team. Terry is still apprehensive with Mike, but Mike wants Terry to know he is truly sorry about what happened. He brings up the bet they had at Mrs Quinn's over which of the three would be the first to make it into the England squad for the 1986 World Cup, and says it will be either Kevin or Terry now. Mike turns and stumbles away with his dad as training goes on for the team. Kevin and Terry arrive home to be told by Mrs Quinn that Mike has already left, and like Terry's mate Lloydy, Mike's boots now have his place in the bin.


Kevin, Terry





Regular characters in this episode are Mike Maynard (Michael Dixon), Terry Glover (James Sutton), Kevin Nelson (Duane Henry), Alan “Al” Mackay (Alex Ferns), Isabelle Mackay

(Emma Campbell-Jones), Susan Porter (Cloudia Swann), Jonny Fletcher (René Zagger) and Harry Sidwell (Ian Burfield).


Best Known For: Michael Dixon had a role in Hollywood not-so-smash “Alexander” (2004) and appeared in “Coronation Street” shortly after DT80’s. James Sutton has had high profile regular roles (again, right after DT80’s) on “Hollyoaks” as John Paul McQueen (2006-2008, returning in 2012) and Ryan Lamb on “Emmerdale” from 2009-2011. Alex Ferns has more than 20 acting credits to his name, and remains best known for evil Trevor Morgan on “EastEnders” from 2000-2002. René Zagger began his acting career as teenager Mike Bentley on “Grange Hill” (1990-1991) and remains best known for PC Nick Klein on “The Bill” from 1999-2004. Ian Burfield has more than 60 credits as an actor, with roles across "London's Burning", "EastEnders" and "The Bill.” Duane Henry has more than 25 credits to his name, including a regular role on "The Cut" (2010). Cloudia Swann appeared in “Hollyoaks” twice in 2009 and 2012. Heather Tobias has more than 40 acting credits, including a regular role on "Is Harry On The Boat" (2002-2003), after DT80's "The Palace" (2008) and in the highly acclaimed "Appropriate Adult" (2011). Not to mention her DT appearances in Seasons 4 and 10 as Lynda and Gemma’s GP!


·          Additional Info: John Salthouse makes his official return to DT as Writer/Producer of DT80’s, followed by taking up the role of Executive Producer alongside Jane for Season 10. Ryan Lee, who appeared in the main show as Charlie Taylor in Seasons 7-8, appears as one of the 1980’s Harchester first team. He was also Football Producer on this series before rejoining DT for Season 10 in the same role, as well as playing Bradley Summers. Harry Sidwell was Harchester United manager from 1974 and chairman from 1979. Susan’s dad is one of 700 laid off from Walton’s. Isabelle met Alan while he was playing for Rangers.


Continuity: Returning to Addison Road (Vicarage Road), HUFC ground 1908-1999 and in DT from #1 - #140, 367: War of the Roses. As we don’t see previously acknowledged Harchester legends like Frank Patcham and Ken “Sammy” Hocknell during the years shown, this can easily be explained away. Frank doesn't return to the club as Youth Team Manager until 1992, and throughout 1980-86, Ken would have been raising Dean and Sean in Newcastle.


·          HUFC 26/12/80: The first team were as follows: (#1) Washington [as in Simon, football researcher?] (#2) Matthews (#3) Daily (#4) Taylor (#5) Hoskins (#6) Peters (#7) Lee [as in Ryan?] (#8) Vincent (#9) Shaw (#10) Parkin (#11) Maynard. Sub: Porter.


Soundtrack: The original theme tune used from #1 to 356: Play Off (1997-2005) is also used for DT80’s. Blondie: “Atomic” and “Call Me”,  Bob Marley: “Could You Be Loved”,  Gary Numan: “Cars”,  John Lennon: “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)”,  Kim Carnes: “Bette Davis Eyes”,  Madness: “It Must Be Love”,  Martha and the Muffins: “Echo Beach”,  McFadden & Whitehead: “Ain't no stopping us now”,  OMD: “Enola Gay” and “Souvenir”,  The Clash: “I fought the Law”,  The Police: “Don't Stand So Close To Me”,  The Specials: “Ghost Town”,  Vienna: “Ultravox.”


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