Dream Team 80’s

Episode 2


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 28th May 2006





Ruthie Glover (Angela Curran) 

Charles Glover (John GunneryBarry Davies (Commentator)





Produced By John Salthouse

Directed By Rob MacGillivray



















 Mike, Jonny

 Isabelle, Kevin

 Mike, Susan

November 1981 and Terry is now in the first team. He and Jonny are at a car sales yard where they encounter Mike, who is now working as a salesman. He tells them his father is expanding the business to the Midlands and takes Terry on a test drive for a car he likes. Terry asks Mike whether he'll have it ready for Saturday, as his family are coming down from Yorkshire to watch him play. Mike watches Terry leave with a sense of sadness at what could've been him. At the training ground, Al is leaving to take up a promotion managing the reserve team, and tells the youth team boys that some of them will be coming up with him. He singles out Kevin first, who thinks he is finally in for a promotion, only to be told by Al that he wants Kevin to continue "working" for him, i.e. cleaning his car and tending to his garden, which Isabelle really appreciates (of course!).


Saturday arrives and Terry's family, including his impatient hard-to-please mother, wait for him in reception. Mrs Glover is more interested in Terry introducing her to the new receptionist Ann, and then Susan, now Harry's personal secretary. Terry hears his car being delivered and rallies everyone round to come and see. Terry's mother is none too impressed at the money spent, and things get worse for him when Mike, who has personally delivered the car, appears. Susan is not pleased to see Mike and storms off, while Terry heads to the dressing room. Out on the pitch, Terry has a rough time and things go from bad to worse when he is sent off and Harchester lose 0-3 to Wolverhampton Wanderers. Susan is annoyed at Mike for not contacting her for six months, and he explains it away by saying it was down to his injury. He asks to take her for a drink and she reluctantly accepts. The next day, Harry calls Terry into his office where he tells him after four games he thinks they brought him up into the first team a little too soon. When Terry hears he is being put in the reserves he accuses Harry of dropping him. Terry is forced to join Al with the reserves, and it takes Al to show Terry a mistake he made when he was supposed to be marking George Best, in a 1963 Man U v. Leeds game before Terry gets his determination back again.


Terry, Al

 Harry, Mike



By February 1982, Mike has had to insure Terry's car three times after minor smashes, and criticises Jonny for not stopping Terry going drink driving. Jonny however is more interested in bagging himself a car like Terry's and asks Mike what it would cost from him. Mike finds it odd that Jonny would need to ask how much a new car would cost, and Jonny explains that Tricia is divorcing him and he needs to pay for Karl. Mike gets in there and asks Jonny how much he is earning, and Jonny tells Mike it's forty grand a year and warns him there will be trouble if that gets out. Mike knows he is onto something and goes to see Harry. There he tells the Chairman/Manager that he is now representing players, but Harry doesn't want to hear it - his players don't need agents, and certainly will not be getting pay rises. The day of the FA Cup 4th Round against Aston Villa arrives and Jonny is mysteriously absent. An irate Harry has to put Terry on, while it turns out Mike is behind Jonny's no show. They are doing this to make Harry sweat and give into Mike's request, adding to Jonny that he will need him to score today.


Jonny shows up before the team go out and a furious Harry lays into him before throwing Terry out of the dressing room. As the game kicks off, Kevin meets up with Isabelle who is convinced he is avoiding her. He tells her he is leaving the club as he isn't getting anywhere with a manager who sees him as nothing more than a servant. Kevin is annoyed at other kids who aren't as good as him being given contracts first, and Isabelle begs him not to go and leave her here. They make love in the ladies toilets as Jonny scores in a completely different way outside. Everyone is present for the grand opening of what Jonny says "will put Harchester on the style map of Britain" - infamous nightclub Studs. Isabelle strangely refuses to drink alcohol, and watches on as Kevin dances on the floor with the gang his own age. Harry approaches Mike and accuses him of being behind Jonny's stunt today. Mike tells Harry he just wants what Jonny is owed, as he is a World Cup contender. Harry thinks it's hilarious when Mike requests he pay Jonny sixty grand a year, plus goal bonuses, and Mike tells Jonny it is sorted.

Mike takes Susan outside where he loudly asks her to marry him. He tells her he's got it all worked out now and was just waiting for the right opportunity to come along. Before long, the two are inside announcing the news, and when Ann tells Terry he is so taken aback that he grabs hold of her and kisses her. Ann is now over the moon as she has clearly waited for this moment for so long. As the night continues, Isabelle grows increasingly down about Kevin, realising it will never work between the two of them because of the age gap, and tells Al she is going "home." Kevin follows her outside and says he'd rather be with her, but Isabelle has privately made her mind up, telling Kevin she will see him tomorrow. The next day the reserve team are waiting to travel to their away game at Stoke, and Terry arrives to be told by Ann that Al still hasn't shown up. He and Kevin drive to Al's house where they find him sprawled out on the sofa, drunk and announcing that Isabelle has left him. Kevin is in shock and dashes upstairs where he finds all of Isabelle's clothes gone.


Two years pass to September 1984 and Mike and Susan are now married. As he shows her his new offices, he asks Susan to come and work for him. She believes Harry needs her but Mike informs her that as Harry is “old skool” he will be gone by the end of the season. The reserve team are waiting to play Queens Park Rangers' reserves, only Al is late again. Terry and Kevin find him slumped at the wheel of his car severely hungover. Terry has to take charge of the team once more and thanks to him, they just about win the game. Kevin is now practically looking after Al, and that night at his house Kevin learns that today is ten years since Al married Isabelle. Al goes searching for more booze and finds Kevin has cleaned it all out, causing him to flip. Kevin yells back that if Al doesn't stop drinking the club are going to fire him, and the lads can't cover for him anymore. Interestingly, Al lets it slip that wherever Isabelle and he would go, she would never be happy, indicating she may have done what she did with Kevin before. He says he always knew she would kill him one day.


Terry is at Jonny's playing poker with the other first-teamers when his mother phones him. His older brother is in hospital after being badly beaten up, and by daylight Terry has arrived at the hospital. No sooner than he's walked into the room, Terry's mother Ruthie lays into him, over having so much money when he's not even playing, and how his older brother has a much harder life. Terry tells her it's not his fault that he could play and his brother couldn't, and reminds his mother that she too is to blame - for never showing him any encouragement or even ever saying she was proud of him. Terry leaves the hospital to find his car has been graphitised with the word 'Scabs'.



By October Terry has sold the car, to Ann's pleasure and things seem to be back on track between the two. Al also seems to be getting back on track, and on the training pitch he asks Kevin if he'll come and look at the garden again. Kevin tells a stunned Al no, and that he has let him call him "Snowball" and treat him like a cleaner for too long, before walking out of training. Shortly afterwards, Kevin goes to see Mike about representing him and finding him a new club. Mike tells Kevin he might not need a new club if he can speak to Sidwell, and lets it slip that Al formally quit as Reserve Team manager yesterday. By match day, Kevin has joined Terry back in the first team, at last making his debut for the Dragons.



·       First appearance of Ann Kavanagh (Amy Huberman). Last appearances of Harry Sidwell (Ian Burfield) and Alan “Al” Mackay (Alex Ferns). Sidwell, as predicted by Mike, is replaced by Kenny Bruce. For Al’s fate, see the next episode.


Best Known For: Amy Huberman was already a rising star in her home country of Ireland before DT80’s, appearing in both series of “Showbands” (2005 & 2006) and receiving acclaimed recognition with her breakthrough role in drama series “The Clinic” as Daisy O'Callaghan (2003-2009). For this role, she was nominated twice for the IFTA Best Actress in a Television Role Award. She has since married Irish Rugby International Brian O’Driscoll and recently appeared in comedy series "Threesome." Angela Curran has more than 60 acting credits to her name, with notable appearances in the 2003 Brit-hit “Calendar Girls” and the Oscar winning "The Iron Lady" (2011).


·          Logic: We see the opening of Studs (in it’s very first location) in 1982, with three songs - Spandau Ballet: “True”, Cyndi Lauper: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and Chaka Khan: “Ain't Nobody” all playing on the night. But these songs were not recorded or released until 1983/84!


Foreshadowing: We see Jonny doing cocaine, something Fletch has picked up from his father when we first see him in Season 1 as a 25-year-old.


·          Additional Info: By February 1982, Jonny has 22 goals and an England cap. Kevin is also still living with Mrs Quinn at this time.


Soundtrack: Billy Idol: “Rebel Yell” and “White Wedding”,  Chaka Khan: “Ain't Nobody”,  Culture Club: "Do you really want to hurt me",  Cyndi Lauper: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun",  Duran Duran: “Hungry Like The Wolf”,  Eurythmics: "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)",  Human League: "Don't You Want Me",  Kraftwerk: "The Model",  Spandau Ballet: "True",  The Jam: "Start",  The Police: "Invisible Sun."


Screencaps from DT80’s last repeat broadcast on Sky Two in spring 2008.



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