Dream Team 80’s

Episode 3


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 4th June 2006




Kenny Bruce (Tim Dantay)  Clive Hawes (Vincent Brimble) 

Bernie White (Ian Bartholomew)  Consultant (Lucas HareRuthie Glover (Angela Curran) 

Charles Glover (John Gunnery) 

Football Commentary (Barry Davies)





Produced By John Salthouse

Directed By Rob MacGillivray










 Ann, Terry



















 Terry, Susan






 Susan, Mike




 Mike, Kevin and Terry (who is

 too hard to hug!)

January 1986 and Dream Incorporated have begun sponsorship of Harchester United. The team are playing Nottingham Forrest, and Kevin, who is riding high in the squad, is excited about Bobby Robson being at the game today. Mike has set up a promo for Kevin, and will be doing a video-shoot with Sinitta! Terry arrives at the Players' Lounge, and Susan wishes him well for his wedding to Ann tomorrow. There is still a spark between the two, despite Ann being months away from having Terry's baby. Kevin faces trouble in being noticed by Bobby when an injury in the squad forces manager Kenny Bruce to place him behind Fletcher for today's game. The move seems to do the Dragons well however, as a cross from Kevin leads to a goal from Jonny. In the dressing room after the game, Terry is annoyed at Jonny for stating the team will never catch up now Everton have beaten West Brom 5-1. Terry takes the team into action, saying they have to believe that they can win the league.


That night is Terry's stag night, and as he is given a show by two women in ref's gear, Mike hands Kevin a Spanish phrase book adding he'll need it for Barcelona, where he's just been speaking to Terry Venables. Mike tells Kevin they want him provided he has a good World Cup, and needs to be seen in the position Robson wants him in. Kevin is worried about disobeying the gaffer but Mike reminds him if he wants the move it's what he'll have to do. Mike is now doing cocaine, and is driven home by his driver. Inside, Susan is holding Ann's hen party/baby shower and Mike leaves them to it, leading Ann to notice there is a distance between him and Susan. Terry has got blindingly drunk and is taken to the Grange by Kevin to check into the honeymoon suit, at least to stop him from drink driving. Terry asks Kevin to stay with him, and after throwing up in the bathroom, confides in his pal that he is worried he is making a mistake. Kevin tells him of how when he was seventeen he thought he'd found 'the one', but after that ended he met someone knew, and a few later he's now realised that maybe there is no 'one' - just love the person you are with.


Terry goes ahead with the wedding, and he and Ann become husband and wife. At the wedding reception, Ann is suffering from morning sickness and heads to their room, as Terry spots a sombre looking Susan sitting alone, following Mike leaving for a meeting with Clive Hawes, the Harchester Chairman. Terry asks Susan to dance, and as "Lady in Red" plays, Susan confesses she wishes this was her wedding to Terry and that she thinks she married the wrong man! Terry is stunned, and tells Susan he has to go before leaving her standing alone on the dance floor. As Mike and Clive Hawes head off to a new casino, Mike tries to persuade the Chairman to sort out Bruce's formation plans, as it would give Kevin a better chance of being selected by Robson for Mexico. Clive is more concerned however with not upsetting a manager who is months away from possibly winning them the league, as it would make him unpopular with the fans.



Susan, Terry

Isabelle and Archie, Kevin's secret child


Mike, Kevin


In February, Kevin learns that Al has finally lost his life to drinking, and brings flowers to his resting place. While there, he sees a woman exiting the cemetery with a young child, and realises it is Isabelle. He chases after her and is told by Izzy that the boy, called Archie, is her neighbour's son, and she's paid to look after him. Isabelle tells Kevin that Al's family didn't want her at the funeral and hold her responsible for his death. Isabelle is in a hurry to get away, and when picking up Archie, Kevin hears him call her mommy. It is then it hits Kevin that Archie is his son and Isabelle confirms this when asked. Kevin goes to see Mike, and arrives just after he and Susan have another argument on how he has more time for his clients than her. Kevin first addresses Mike on talking to the Chairman about him, as Kenny threatened to drop him, and then onto finding out he is a dad. Mike warns Kevin he can kiss goodbye to his England call-up if this gets out. After training, Kenny finds Mike waiting for him in his office, and is once again put on the spot about moving Kevin to his old left-wing position. Kenny turns on Mike, informing him that they have a great team-spirit right now and are on the verge of achieving something brilliant, but all Mike is doing is thinking of himself.






Harchester are on top form for the next two months leading up to the final, with Kevin and Terry both being major players in wins over Q.P.R, Luton and Sheffield Wednesday. By April, Mike is getting worried that the chance of Kevin going to Mexico is slipping away, and in an attempt to spark up Robson's interest, resorts to tipping the press off on how Harchester's No.1 goal-scorer is leaving for Barcelona. In return, the journalist he meets with, Bernie White, offers Mike a story in return - that Kenny has been cautioned twice for curb-crawling. Bernie's paper doesn't want to use it just yet as Bruce is the golden boy at Harchester, so instead gives it Mike in order to blackmail the married manager. As Terry plays on the first ever Super Mario Bros game, Susan phones looking to speak to Ann (or does she!) who is asleep upstairs. Susan needs someone to talk to, and Terry readily obliges. He goes to her and Mike's house where Susan, who has been drinking, announces that she and Mike are finished. She repeats what she said at Terry's wedding, and wishes she'd married him. Terry tells her what he has with Ann (her best friend) is special, but soon he and Susan are making love.


As this happens, Mike pays a visit to Kenny's home, where as his wife sits inside, he reveals he knows about the curb-crawling, and if he doesn't want Mrs Bruce to find out, Kevin better have his place back on the hard left. Kevin himself, meanwhile, goes to Isabelle's house, bringing presents for the son he never knew existed. There, he learns that Isabelle has remarried, and her husband, Damian, adopted Archie when they were married. She tells Kevin that she wants Archie to continue believing that Damian is his dad, and for Kevin to walk away. She says he needs stability within their family, for one day he'll have brothers and sisters, and doesn't need a Santa Clause showing up every now and then with presents they can't afford. A gutted Kevin leaves, and outside he gets a call from Ann, who has gone into premature labour and can't find Terry. Kevin gets to Susan's where, as she dashes to get dressed and open the door, he tells her of what's going on with Ann, and an undressed Terry appears. They get to the hospital to find Ann had to be operated on, and clearly feeling guilty, Terry yells at the doctor that he doesn't care about the baby, and only wants to know if Ann is OK! The trio go in to see her and Ann tells Terry they have a son. Terry is consumed with guilt over not being there while Ann was in danger, and promises he'll never let her down again i.e. sleep with her best friend.


The final day of the season arrives, and Harchester are one game away from winning the title for the first time in their history, if they beat Man City. Upon giving his team talk, Kenny Bruce reveals the team will be going back to play 4-4-2, with Kevin, interestingly, back playing on the left. Terry realises that Mike is behind this decision and goes to confront him. With Mike pinned up against the wall, Terry tells Kevin Mike has done this to get him in with a chance of Mexico. Kevin tells Terry he can sort this, and is going to do the right thing. During the first half, Mike goes inside to do cocaine and is caught by Susan, who realises it has to be the last straw. She tells him she is filing for divorce to which Mike replies he won't let her! Susan tells him she's doing it because she has to do what's right for her and walks away.

At half time, Mike bursts into the dressing room and yells that he warned Kenny what would happen and is about to phone his wife. Kevin goes after him and tells Mike it was his decision to play on the right, as it is something that will help the team win today. He then tells Mike he is dropping him as his agent, before returning to Kenny and saying there won't be any more trouble (until Bernie White's story that is!). The team go out for the second half, and in the 47th minute Kevin scores, followed by Jonny being brought down and a penalty awarded to Harchester. The news comes through that Everton have beaten Luton 1-0, so if Terry scores it would surely mean the League belongs to Harchester. He steps up in the 90th minute and... slots it in! The celebrations already begin before the final whistle has blown, and when it does the stadium erupts with a pitch invasion. Kevin and Terry are hailed as the heroes of the match, as Mike looks on, having lost everything.


That night he sits alone in the stands, where Terry comes out to him. There, Mike cries that he thought if he became an agent and made lots of money it would take the pain of losing his playing career away, but it hasn't. It hurts him because he knows deep down he was a better player than either him or Kevin. Kevin then springs out clutching a bottle of champagne, and jumping excitedly announces the news that he has been selected for Mexico. Kevin then brings up the bet they made on that Christmas day at Mrs Quinn's over which of them would make it to a World Cup first, and demands Mike pay him the £10. Following this, Kevin hands Mike back some coins from it - as his agent's commission! Mike is ecstatic that Kevin isn't dropping him and the three celebrate the win and Kevin's news. June arrives, and Kevin is in the England squad and out in Mexico, passing a header to Gary Lineker which ends in the back of the net.



·          First appearance of Kenny Bruce, who is Harchester manager from 1985-1990.


Best Known For: Tim Dantay has been acting since the mid-80’s and has 50 credits to his name, including "Making Out" (1989-1991), "Playing the Field" (1998-2002) and "The Diary of Anne Frank" (2009). Vincent Brimble has more than 30 credits as an actor, which included stints on "Doctor Who" followed by “Grange Hill” in the late 80’s.


Additional Info: At their wedding, Ann and Terry's full names are given as Ann Louise Kavanagh and Terrence Alan Glover. Moments after their vows, a woman resembling the back of Mrs Quinn makes sure she is first to get the debut snap of the newlyweds.


·          HUFC First Title Win Squad May ‘86: (#1) Washington  (#2) Glover  (#3) Daily  (#4) Taylor  (#5) Hoskins  (#6) Vincent  (#7) Lee  (#8) Fletcher  (#9) Shaw  (#10) Nelson  (#11) Parkin.


Soundtrack: A Ha: "The Sun Always Shines on TV",  Bangles: "Manic Monday",  Billy Idol: "White Wedding",  Chris De Burgh: "Lady in Red",  Cutting Crew: "I Just Died in your Arms",  David Bowie: "Absolute Beginners",  Eurythmics: "When Tomorrow Comes",  Frankie Goes to Hollywood: "Two Tribes",  Huey Lewis and the News: "The Power of Love",  Madonna: "Material Girl", Peter Gabriel: "Sledgehammer",   Prince: "Kiss",   Queen: "Its a kind of magic" and "One Vision",   Shalamar: "A Night to Remember",   Simple Minds: "Alive and Kicking",   Simply Red: "Holding Back The Years",   Tears for Fears: "Everybody wants to rule the world",  U2: "Pride (in the name of love)."


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