Dream Team 80's















Hewland International  |  Sky One

Executive Producer Jane Hewland  |  Producer John Salthouse






[DT80’s] 1.1 (21/05/2006)




In October 1980, three seventeen-year-olds are training their way through Harchester United's Youth Team. They are: Mike Maynard, the son of a Chester car dealer, Terry Glover, who is the first in his family to not follow into the Yorkshire coal mines, and Kevin Nelson, who hails from Tottenham. While Mike at first appears to be the rising star of the three, he has more on his mind than making the first team, when he gets to know Terry's girlfriend Susan. Kevin too has a woman on his mind - Isabelle, who is the wife of his boss, youth team manager Alan Mackay! The three lads make a bet that Christmas to see who will be the first to reach the England squad for a World Cup, but when Mike is taken down with a nasty injury during his debut for the first team, it looks to be left between Terry and Kevin.









[DT80’s] 1.2 (28/05/2006)






1981-84: Mike re-enters the world of Harchester United when he gets the opportunity to represent his old collegues. Al gets a promotion to managing the reserve team, but his world falls apart when Isabelle leaves, following her doomed relationship with Kevin. And Terry meanwhile drifts between the first team and the reserves, while battling discouragement from his family and his mixed feelings for Susan when he learns she and Mike are engaged.








[DT80’s] 1.3 (04/06/2006)




Harchester have reached the second half of the 1985-86 season that will determine whether they win the League for the first time. Terry and Ann are now married, and with a baby on the way, how will Terry feel when Susan reveals she wishes she'd married him instead of Mike? A tragic event brings Isabelle back into Kevin's life and a surprise revealtion awaits him, while Mike seems to be a shadow of his former self as he continues his dodgy dealings as a cocaine-addicted agent. With the pressure of the League final looming, where do Kevin and Terry's World Cup hopes for Mexico stand?