Season 1 Episode 19

Episode 19


Sky One Transmission Date:

Tuesday 16th December 1997


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Currently Unknown


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Trudi, Sean



Biloo, Dean






Sean, Noah, Zoe



Warren, Mandy




GS: Mandy Burley (Annelies Lovell)  Biloo Kapur (Hari Dhillon)  Noah Langham (Adam Garcia)  Trudi Payton (Shelly Minto)


Sean, still on crutches, hobbles about in the physio room. Vincent and Warren come in and remark that he is a lucky man, as the new physio starts today, and "he" was a former wrestler in Holland and loves pain. Sean soon gets more than he bargained for when a female voice says she'll be with him shortly. Dean and Biloo arrive for Dean's meeting with Jacobs, and Biloo tells Dean to let him do all the talking. Sean is uncomfortable when Trudi, the new physio, remembers him from that Sunday a few weeks back. She was with her friend at The Grange when Sean ran out on them, and now says she knows why, with him being a trainee and not signing for Juventus as he told them, he probably couldn't have afforded a round of drinks at The Grange!


Des is brainstorming what entertainment to host at the Supporters' Club Christmas party. Zoe says as long as he doesn't act like he did last year and Des tells her she's a genius - they'll do a karaoke night! Frank gives the boys their invitations to the party, which they are just thrilled about. He adds the supporters are bound to ask questions about the recent staff changes but they are to say nothing. Frank tells Vincent he is to see him in his office, but Vincent is smug when he hears Ian Coates say the same to him! Trudi is having fun winding Sean up, especially when he finds out that she was on Coates' backroom staff in Holland. When he continues to say the wrong things, this time about her age, she gets close and says older women can teach a boy a thing or two! As the chairman begins to discuss Dean's contract, Biloo takes over, saying it won't be hard to find a deal that is beneficial to both sides.


Sean tries to smooth things over with Trudi and offers to take her out that evening. She says he can come over to hers for dinner, and Sean thinks he is in with a real chance! Jacobs listens intently as Biloo lays down his terms for Dean, which include three-grand-a-week wages, a signing on bonus of around £150K, plus usual fringe benefits as appearance money and merchandise sponsorship. In his office, Frank goes through Vincent's recent performances and how his mental ability has been lacking in these games. Frank tells him it appears he has lost his confidence, but Vincent takes it personally and throws back that Frank himself might well be on his way out with Coates' arrival. Frank flips and yells at Vincent to get out of his office, before adding he didn't expect something like that from him. Vincent goes out to where Sean, Warren and Mandy are waiting, and says he's got a meeting to get to, which Sean retorts he hopes he isn't going behind the lovely Gemma's back.


Once Biloo has finished with Dean's "requirements", Michael tells him it will be a big fat no, and accuses Biloo of reading too many back pages for the bigger clubs with those demands. He offers a grand-a-week in wages, but Biloo says there's no point in continuing this discussion, which leaves Dean squirming in his seat. Frank now goes in for his meeting with Coates, and Ian reveals he isn't a happy man with this "amateurish" set up at the club. Ian tells Frank he is giving everyone in the youth team the next six months until the end of the season to prove themselves, before he decides if anyone is to be sacked. Frank takes exception to Ian, adding if he doesn't have faith in him to do his job then there are plenty of other clubs out there that will. Noah comes round to see Zoe at the Baker's, and apologises if he went too far the other night. Zoe certainly doesn't think he did - as they are soon pashing once more!


Dean is embarrassed at how Biloo carried on, and thinks Jacobs will view him unfavourably after that. Biloo isn't worried, and calls it standard negotiating practice, reminding Dean Jacobs will have to come to an agreement before Christmas otherwise he will be cup-tied for the FA Cup. Warren and Mandy look for money to get a taxi home, and Mandy sees Warren's tickets for the Supporters' party. She asks as he has a spare would he take her with him, but he is reluctant. Sean walks in on Zoe and Noah making out in the living room. They get onto the subject of travelling, with Sean saying he and the lads hope to go to Ibiza next year, though Noah's sister is an archaeologist there (apparently!). Things get more uncomfortable for stroppy Zoe when Des comes in and introduces himself to Noah (cringe!).


Mandy is happy when Warren finally agrees to take her to the party, though is worried Kenny will find out. They suddenly spot Vincent walking with a man and think this was his aforementioned meeeting, now assuming this is who he is cheating on Gemma with! Soon Des has his football encyclopaedia book out and Noah is getting more questions right than Sean! Des invites Noah to tomorrow night's party and Zoe has almost had enough, but Noah is too excited so she has to agree to come. Back at the flat Mandy is asking Warren's opinion on which dress she should wear, and although he makes out he isn't that interested, he seems to know which she will look her best in. Sean waits for Trudi in the physio room, and when she arrives it seems she can't wait to make out with him, and is kissing him immediately to his surprise, as she encourages him to get undressed.


It seems Zoe finally has Noah to herself when she finally gets him to her room, but they are then interrupted by Lynette in typical-mom-fashion when she thinks she has put some of her laundry in Zoe's draw by mistake! Noah gets uncomfortable and decides he will go. Trudi snaps a pair of handcuffs on Sean, who is now in his boxers, and leads him out into the pitch black of night onto the training pitch. Before he knows it she has cuffed him to the rail of the goalpost and has whipped out a camera. All Sean can do is squirm as Trudi takes a shot and says this is for standing her up. Sean is left alone attached to the post in his underwear as she walks away.




·          Best Known For: An American born actor, Hari Dhillon has appeared in a range of projects on both sides of the Atlantic. These include film "Cradle 2 the Grave" (2003), TV shows "Charmed" (2005), "Without A Trace" (2007), and a seven-year regular role in "Holby City" as Michael Spence (2007-2014). With footballing connections herself (she is the sister of former Charlton Athletic, Chelsea and West Ham player Scott Minto) Shell(e)y Minto had a regular role in other football-based drama "Playing The Field" (2002) and appeared in a storyline with Robert Kazinsky (Casper) on "EastEnders" during his time on the show.


The Best: Trudi’s games with Sean and he in return genuinely believing he is in with a chance. Trudi’s revenge - for Sean’s reaction more than anything!


·          Quotes: Sean (on more of Noah’s achievements): "Where was this? On your package holiday to Llandudno?"  Zoe (angrily): "For your information Noah has just spent the last six months teaching and travelling around East Africa. Just 'coz you've never been further than Whitby Bay!"  Sean (smug): "It's Whitley Bay, actually!".


Continuity: Coates reminds Frank he will have been at the club six years in January (1992). This is aside from his own playing career with the club during the 1970’s.


·          Soundtrack: Peggy Lee: "Fever", Dodgy: “Good Enough”


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