Season 1 Episode 26

Episode 26


Sky One Transmission Date:

Wednesday 7th January 1998


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Currently Unknown


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Dean, Des, Lynette



Lynette, Georgina, Jacobs



Georgina, Dean



Trudi, Sean






Jacobs, Georgina

GS: Trudi Payton (Shelly Minto)


Early the next morning Lynette is shocked to find Dean standing in the Baker's kitchen, having not returned to the flat since last night's revelations. He tells her he knows he's screwed everything up, his career and now the prospect of ever marrying Lucy. Lucy is leaving for the radio station and notices a videotape sitting on the side, which she thinks nothing of. As journalists phone the Baker's house looking for Dean, an excited Sean reminds Des that he is due to take him on a driving lesson, which Des is not looking forward to. In his office, an irate Jacobs is talking damage limitation - he will sue whichever paper prints the sextape story first, not before he sacks Hocknell. Des is annoyed that Lynette is going over to the Jacob's to try and help the situation, and believes as his secretary Michael's family matters shouldn't involve her. Dean gets to the flat and finds Lucy has already left, though the journalists are now phoning here looking for him.


Georgina thinks her dad has Lynette working on a Sunday when she turns up at the house, and Lynette learns Georgina has been at her gran’s so doesn't know about the story. Georgina is shocked to learn Dean didn't sort it as she thought, and that there's copies of the tape everywhere. Dean tries to write Lucy a letter explaining himself, but all he can write down is "I Love You". Michael comes home to find Lynette supporting Georgina, but doesn't go easy on his daughter, throwing more of his money at her and suggesting she go off with the rest of the first team if she hasn't already! Lynette asks Michael to remember that Georgina is young and looking for excitement, adding he too wasn't the saintly figure when Jacobs remarks he didn't act like she has been. Lynette reminds him of what he told her of his dad, and the support he was to Michael when he lost his playing career with Harchester, and now Michael needs to be the same for his daughter. This seems to get through to Jacobs, and he admits to Lynette that he wishes she was Georgina's mother.


When she can't get through to Dean on the phone, which he has left off the hook, Georgina decides to go to the flat herself. When she gets there Lucy is home, and insists she show Georgina round the flat as she is one of their first visitors. Lucy remarks she hasn't seen Georgina since the Christmas party, and how she made quite an entrance! Now knowing Dean is not in, Georgina goes to the bathroom to escape Lucy's awkward niceness, and while in there Dean arrives home. He forces himself to finally come clean to Lucy, who is in shock and demands to know who he is with on the tape when he tells her it doesn't matter who. Georgina opens the door and Dean is visibly shocked to see her, which gives Lucy the answer she is looking for. Des and Sean make it to outside the club with Sean in the driving seat, and Des feels like he has been put through some kind of trauma! Sean spots Trudi and is distracted once more.


Lucy lays into both Dean and Georgina over their deceit, going off at Georgina for knowing she'd had her boyfriend while she was thinking of her as a friend. Lucy sees red when Georgina suggests if Lucy had been there for Dean he wouldn't have come to her. Lucy orders Dean and Georgina out of the flat, pushing them both towards the door and slapping Dean. When they get home, Des suggests to Sean he use a driving instructor for his next lesson, to which Sean awkwardly adds he has a cash flow problem. Des won't be talked round, stating he has his health to think of! Sean gets a phone call from Trudi, and they arrange to meet up. Sean manages to drive the car out to meet Trudi, and has to admit he only started today, but is soon stoked to learn that they are going to do it there and then - after she's shown him a little trick involving covering the car's windows. Lucy tells Dean and Georgina that they are welcome to her flat because she is off. Dean tells Georgina to go but she pleads to speak with him later as she has something she needs to tell him.


Trudi sprays newspaper to the car windows (apparently an Italian trick). Dean denies anything happened between he and Georgina at the flat, but has to tell Lucy about Georgina staying at the Digs one night a week after the match. Lucy has heard more than she can take without her fiery locks turning into pure flames, and throws her engagement ring back at Dean. Sean is nervous about getting undressed in the car, and is distracted by people going past outside. This turns Trudi on and she eventually gets her way with she and Sean both naked in the car. The noises outside convince Sean there is someone there, but they carry on unaware that the car has now been wheel-clamped. Jacobs is worried about where Georgina has got to, and when she comes in Lynette watches as Michael hugs his upset daughter and tells her they can sort this out. At he sits alone in the flat, Dean replays his debut match and wishes he could go back to that night and change things.




·        The Best: Sean carrying his empty cereal bowl up to Des and complaining about the service in the house. Kate Farrah really goes to town on Lucy’s fantastic fury. You can count on her to provide a great DT catfight especially with more to come between her and Georgina.


Quotes: Lucy, confronting Dean and Georgina is given some fiery gems of dialogue: (to Dean): "And you took her back to the club, to the scene of your triumph and you had her on the boardroom table?"  (to Georgina): "So you seduced him? You took Dean to daddy's club, you took MY boyfriend and you had him?!"  followed by (to Georgina): "What do you mean when he needed me?! How dare you! Don't accuse me when you're the tart!". And later, in a tone like Sméagol from Lord of the Rings. "Did you do it at the Digs hmmm? In your single bed?!"


·          Foreshadowing: Georgina is needing to tell Dean something sensitive, possibly she knows she is pregnant with his baby.


Continuity: Lynette refers to how Jacobs went off the rails after Harchester “rejected him as a player”, but it was his dad's support that got him through. In Harchester time, this would have been Michael’s struggle to return to form, after breaking his leg on his debut under manager Harry Sidwell in December 1975.


·         Additional Info: When going out to practice in an old car of Dean's, Des is even more enthused to learn that the only driving experience Sean has is a go on his dad's car in an airfield when he was fifteen. Sean asks Trudi about having a husband, to which she replies he'll be joining them soon! But then laughs at him for being gullible.


Soundtrack: Oasis: “Stand By Me”,  Monaco: “What Do You Want From Me”,  Radiohead: “Creep.”


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