Season 1 Episode 38

Episode 38


Sky One Transmission Date:

Wednesday 18th February 1998


Written By

Currently Unknown


Directed By

Andy Richards


Sean, Trudi



Zoe, Des, Sean



Frank, Mandy






Conor, Frank



Dean, Lucy

GS: Mandy Burley (Annelies Lovell)  Trudi Payton (Shelly Minto)


It is the day Harchester take on Arsenal in the Fifth Round of the FA Cup home at Addison Road. Mandy awakes to find Warren is not in the flat after they slept together last night. Frank tells Conor Lucy is moving back into the flat today, and Conor says Fletch came to pick her up. Frank is relieved to hear Fletch and Lucy didn't spend the night together at least. Fletch offers to carry Lucy's boxes into the bedroom, but she gets a shock when she opens the door and finds Sean and Trudi in her bed! Sean tries to explain how Dean said they could use the flat while it was empty, but Lucy is having none of it and yells at them to get out.


Ian goes round to Frank's looking for Conor. Tommo [Wheeldon Jr] has pulled a hamstring playing snooker at the club, and Coates wants to draft Conor in. Frank is dead against the idea, as Conor has only just got his place in the youth team back, and wouldn't stand a chance up against the likes of Tony Adams or Lee Dixon. Frank suggests Sean would be a better fit as he's older and has reserve team experience, but Ian just responds with he didn't come for his opinion, he came for the lad. Sean goes into Zoe in her room and awkwardly tries to talk about last night, saying he didn't know Trudi was going to be there. Zoe says she is writing a letter to the Chronicle for Vincent, but Sean tells her there's no point in doing so as he admitted to him he did take the drugs. Zoe is sympathetic to Vincent, and reminds Sean if Vincent has got a real problem he is going to need his friends to support him.


Frank goes to the Baker's to tell Conor the news. Both he and Des are excited, but Frank, still secretly unhappy, makes sure to add Conor might just stay on the bench and not to fear the Arsenal boys as they are just human and all had to make their debuts once. Sean is getting ready to go to the game, when Vincent comes in. Sean apologises for how he reacted yesterday, and how as his best mate, he feels like he has let Vincent down. Vincent adds he has got it wrong himself, for if there was anyone he should have been honest with it was Sean. Sean tells Vincent he doesn't want him to go, but Vincent says it doesn't look like he has much choice. Conor tells Zoe he is playing in the Arsenal match today and gets a kiss from her. He says he has two spare comps and as it's too late for his parents to come over would she and Des come along. Zoe reminds him she isn't a big football fan, but agrees to go and support him when she sees how nervous Conor is about today.


Mandy arrives at the Baker's and asks Conor if he's seen Warren, and when he says not since last night she tells him she thinks Warren’s done a runner. As they make their way down Addison Road, Sean is complaining to Des and Zoe how he is the one who has scored three crackers in front of Coates and he goes and picks Conor. Sean is carrying an oddly-shaped carrier bag and Des asks what's inside, to which Sean pretends he is looking out for Conor by bringing him the shin-pads he forgot. When he gets inside the dressing room however, Sean hides what we now see is a woman's handbag on the peg where Conor will be sitting. As Conor warms up with Dean, they hear Zoe call to them and Dean remarks he never thought he'd see Zoe at the ground. Vincent meanwhile has packed his football boots and zipped up his case.


In the dressing room, Coates has a word with Conor, saying if he gets on he wants him to prove he's a man, and to show the hardened Arsenal players that he can give back as good as he gets. Conor then takes down his kit and reveals the handbag to the hilarity of all his team mates. When Frank learns how Sean hasn't seen Warren since last night, he phones the flat and speaks to the still-worried Mandy, arranging to meet her at the club at half time. Vincent pushes his keys through the letterbox of the Baker house, and walks down the path carrying his suitcases. As Frank reveals to a bitter Sean how he recommended him to Coates for this game instead of Conor, Dean finally scores. As they sit in his car, Frank clicks that Warren slept with Mandy last night. He tells her this is messing Warren up inside, as no matter what his father did to him, he still loves him. Frank tells Mandy she has to do the right thing for Warren.


As Bergkamp misses a shot just wide, Vincent pays one last visit to Addison Road, before walking away for the last time. When Adams (for Harchester) takes a second hit to the same knee, Brian the physio has him stretchered off, and Conor is on, with Coates' hard words ringing in his ear. Conor makes his first play for the ball, and in doing so hits Ian Wright from behind, leaving him on the ground. The referee flashes his red and Conor is off only seconds after coming on, and the watching Des and Zoe are in shock. Conor sits alone in the dressing room sobbing and Frank comes to see him. Frank says that wasn't him out there, and Conor explains he was just doing what Coates told him to. Frank tells him not to worry what everyone else will say, as they have made mistakes themselves, but the most important thing is that Conor learns from this.


Harchester have won and progress to the next round, and Dean is interviewed by Sky Sports about his impending loan move to Italy. Afterwards he stops to talk with Lucy, and says he’s heading off so quickly as there's not much for him to hang around for now, i.e. her. He tells Lucy he really never wanted to hurt her, and she even accepts a goodbye kiss from Dean, adding there's no point in them hacking away at each other now. As they sit watching the draw for the next FA Cup Tie, Sean winds up the guilt-consumed Conor until he lunges at him, and has to be held back by Des and Zoe. Sean goes upstairs to tell Vincent he has missed Conor's Mike Tyson impression, only to discover the room dark and an empty wardrobe, and Sean knows his best friend is gone.




·         Goodbye To: Last appearance of Vincent Osamabiku (Vincent Price). Darren Morfitt takes a break from the series (he was most likely filming the ITV series “Grafters” which went to air in October 1998) as Dean goes off on loan to Italy. He is back in 1.48.


The Best: Frank looking out for, and his advice to Conor after his disastrous game. Also with Warren even when not knowing where he is. Conor and Zoe now being friends. Dean and Lucy calling a truce. Sean’s guilt at feeling he’d let Vincent down, and Vincent quietly departing without saying goodbye to anyone. Sean discovering Vincent had left hours earlier, while he’d wasted the day teasing Conor.


·         Quotes: Lucy (standing above Sean and Trudi in her bed): "So I'd appreciate it if you'd get up and get out - physio's finished for this morning!".  Zoe (shows her inexperience of football stadium layouts… and managers): [on Conor] "Well I can't see him... is he behind the man with the glasses?"  Des: "No that's Arsène Wenger! Conor's in the other hut, I mean dugout!".  Sean does what he does best in winding up Conor: "Hatchet-Boy here nearly takes someone's leg off and you're all over him. I make a witty conversation and you give me stick. Better off giving it to Ian Wright - he probably needs one now!".


Foreshadowing: Harchester Sound FM Sports reports Dean Sturridge could be on his way to the Dragons.


·         Additional Info: The same radio reports on top of Karl Fletcher's suspension, a flu bug has taken over the club, and Dean is mentioned as a definite for today’s game.


What Was The Score?: After missing two opportunities to score the opening goal of the game, the briefly-departing Dean sends Harchester up 1-0 in stoppage time at the end of the first half, causing an FA Cup upset for Arsenal. The Dragons will play West Ham in the next round in March.


·         Soundtrack: No Doubt: "Don't Speak"


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