Season 1 Episode 47

Episode 47


Sky One Transmission Date:

Tuesday 24th March 1998


Written By

Johanne McAndrew


Directed By

Andy Richards


Warren, Conor



Lynette, Georgina



Ian, Trudi



Warren, Des



Conor, Trudi



Sean, Zoe

GS: Trudi Payton (Shelly Minto)


Warren and Sean arrive back at the flat following the England U19 game, and discover Des snoring in Conor's room. Warren believes Conor must be using his bed and storms in to find Conor and Trudi in bed together. Sean sticks his head round and is less than impressed with the sight. They get dressed and Conor says he didn't realise Warren and Sean would be back so early, but Trudi doesn’t regret what happened between them. Zoe leaves for her French exam, still not talking to Lynette, and Georgina feels sorry for her. Des tells Warren he's spent the last couple of nights in the flat and Sean remarks it must have been a hell of a fight for him and Lynette to split. Trudi appears, and asks the men would they keep what they know about her and Conor to themselves. A bitter Sean replies it doesn't matter to him what she does.


Lynette cries that she can't get through to Zoe, and asks Georgina would she try and talk to her, to try and end this speculation that Des is not her father. Georgina says it will be hard for her to convince Zoe when she herself kind of believes her dad could be Zoe's too. Warren is in a mood about Des being in the flat, but soon pipes down when Conor reveals that Des will be paying his way. Sean gets home to the Baker's expecting a big welcome following his England duty, but finds only Georgina there. She points out as he isn't family she can't tell him what's been going on with Des and Lynette, and he reminds her that neither is she. In the physio room, Trudi is massaging Coates' leg after a calf strain, and he suggests they introduce the aerobic exercises she used in Holland to the team, and they agree to go for a drink to discuss it further.


At her one-to-one exam, Zoe discusses her family in French, but when she gets to her father, she loses track and screws up. Lynette goes to Stephanie at the club and says this situation with Georgina thinking she and Zoe are sisters is getting carried away. Stephanie understands her right away and says it's time for Georgina to come home. In the youth team changing room, Sean is bantering with the lads about Conor's night with Trudi. They are unaware Coates is outside the door listening, and when he discovers the woman who both Sean and Conor have pulled is the same woman he is after, he angrily yells at the lads to get out onto the training pitch.


Coates hauls Trudi into his office and demands to know how many trainees she has slept with! Trudi answers that her sex life is none of his business, and Coates snaps that Conor has only just turned seventeen, and how with a team of impressionable sixteen and seventeen-year-olds all their parents are going to think Trudi is abusing them! Coates says that Trudi is in breach of her contract, and thus, he is sacking her. Zoe has returned from her exam and Georgina can tell something is wrong, as she has locked herself in her room and won't answer her. Sean comes along claiming he can get through to her, but just ends up being ignored too. Conor goes into Trudi where she is packing up her things, and warns her Coates might have heard something about them. She says he has - she's been fired.


Warren invites the down Des on a lads' night out tonight, they're even having a "Pull the Ugly Bird" competition which Des is bound to win! Zoe comes out of her room and tells Georgina she is going out, alone! Conor speaks to Ian about what happened with Trudi, and Coates says while he admires Conor's bravery in coming to see him about "Mrs" Payton, he is still recommending to Frank he faces disciplinary and is fined a week's wages. Georgina gets a surprise when she finds her mom sitting in the Baker's living room, and Stephanie tells her it's time to come home now. The lads are ready to go, but Conor is feeling down about Trudi and isn't coming. Sean remarks he's realised it will be another seventeen years before he'll get another woman, and Conor flies for him, having to be held back by Des and Warren. Conor says what happened to Trudi is all Sean's fault as he couldn't keep his mouth shut.


Georgina says she doesn't want to go, and tells her mother to get a dog if she is lonely in the big house! Georgina tells Lynette she wants to stay with Zoe as she is her sister, and won’t believe Lynette when she tells her she's not. Stephanie takes control and tells Georgina she doesn't have a choice of where she lives as she is sixteen-years-of-age and she will help her pack. Zoe is in Studs when the lads pile in, and Warren organises the prize for tonight's winner, with each of the lads putting a fiver into a pint glass. All except Des, obviously. Sean spots Zoe talking to this older guy and puts on his clown-act in front of them, in order to look out for the clearly vulnerable Zoe. Warren finds an unfortunate woman to chat up and ends up telling her she has hair like a film star - Lassie.


Trudi comes to see Conor at the flat, and thanks him for speaking up for her which Coates has told her about. Conor says he feels responsible for her losing her job, but Trudi tells him he didn't force her to spend last night with him, and she still feels it was worth it. She tells Conor he has what it takes to go far, and wishes him luck before kissing him (on the cheek!) goodbye. Des stares glum into his pint of cider all night, even when another woman seems interested, he's not. Warren comes over and boasts he has the competition won. Soon he is snogging some girl who has no idea she has won him a wad of cash. After failing to put Zoe's older man off by telling him she was born a bloke, Sean tells Zoe he wants her to be careful, but when he can't explain how much he cares about her she loses patience and heads for the exit with the man. Sean dashes to find Des and tell him, and they stop Zoe as she is leaving. Des pleads with her not to do this, and Zoe yells back she doesn't understand why he cares, for it's not like he's even her real father. Sean tells Des not to give up and to go after her, but Des concedes that it's too late.




·          The Best: Sean's clear annoyance at Conor pulling 'his' Trudi. Warren works the comedy like only he could - not wanting "some old git" in Des keeping an eye on he and Conor at the flat. Followed by giving Des advice, complete with tea and biscuits, on his marital troubles, saying that he needs to have Lynette 'told' and he doesn't need all this 'woman hassle' in his life. Trudi, who thankfully will be back, and her kindness to Conor.


Additional Info: This is Shelly Minto’s last Season 1 appearance as, clearly, every teenage football apprentice’s dream of a physio, Trudi Payton. She is later re-hired and features throughout the second-half of Season 2.


·          Soundtrack: The Source feat Candi Staton: "You've Got The Love"



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