Season 1 Episode 62

Episode 62


Sky One Transmission Date:

Wednesday 13th May 1998


Written By

Currently Unknown


Directed By

Terry Iland


Natalie, Sean



Georgina, Natalie



Natalie, Des



Dean, Sean, Natalie



Warren, Lynette



Stephanie, Georgina



Stephanie asks Georgina whether she is OK about today, with it being Dean's wedding. Georgina insists she is fine and is over Dean, and Stephanie tells her she is proud of how she has handled things. They make plans to meet up and talk that afternoon, with Georgina making her mom promise not to be late. Des cannot understand why Sean won't be going to his own brother's wedding, and is intrigued when Sean remarks it isn't just him who is having doubts about the whole thing. Des gets it out of Sean that Natalie does have doubts, because it should be him she's with, and that's why he cannot watch her marry his brother.


Dean is surprised when Georgina turns up at where the venue is being held, and even more so when she wishes him and Natalie a happy wedding. She tells Dean she was obsessed with him, and is over that now so it was wrong of her to try and split he and Natalie up. She leaves, with Dean a little confused by her showing up like that. Sean goes to Natalie and tells her if she meant what she said then there's no way she can marry Dean. Natalie says she's thought it over and doesn't want to lose Sean - as a friend. She's decided to marry Dean, and wants Sean to be there at the wedding. Sean goes with what she's saying, even though gutted deep down at what he's been told. Stephanie is in her office when Clive surprises her. He invites her to The Grange for lunch, as he's got a proposition for her.


It's time for Dean and the Baker's to leave for the registry office, and Dean is fretting over there being no sign of Sean. He asks Des would he be his best man, and Des agrees. Natalie is still in her curlers and dressing gown doing her make-up when the buzzer goes, and she thinks the car has come way early. She lets them in without learning who it is, and walks back in to see Georgina holding her wearing dress claiming she should be the one wearing it! Dean, Des and Lynette wait on the steps and Dean says Natalie is always late, with Lynette adding she was an hour late to her and Des' wedding.


Georgina apologises for making Natalie nervous, but goes ahead and tells Natalie she hated her so much when she first met her, for getting everything she deserved. Natalie notices a sharp knife sitting on the side close to Georgina, as Georgina continues with even though now she's come to like Natalie, that still didn't stop her trying to find any way to prevent her marrying Dean. The buzzer goes again, and Natalie tries to convince Georgina that she'll forget about Dean when she meets someone new, as she's beautiful and clever. Georgina reveals to Natalie that last night she found out that her mother has been sleeping with Karl, adding how all her life Stephanie has destroyed everything she's cared about. Georgina holds her mother responsible for her dad leaving them, and says if it wasn't for her he'd still be alive, before mentioning her and Dean's baby. Georgina blames her for that too, driving Dean away and ultimately killing their baby. Natalie asks what Georgina's going to do, but Georgina knows she's held Natalie up enough and opens the door to leave, wishing her a happy wedding day. It is Des outside who has come to pick Natalie up, and he too is puzzled as to Georgina's visit.


When they get to the registry office, Lynette is waiting with Jessica and Natalie asks Des, as her father can't be there to give her away, would he step in to do it? Des informs her that he is also supposed to be acting as Dean's best man, but he would be happy to act as her dad. As Dean and Natalie stand at the alter, the door opens loudly from behind and in walks Sean. He walks up to Des and tells him he will take over from here. Sean hands Dean and Natalie the rings and the vicar announces they are husband and wife. As Dean and Natalie are driven away to the reception, Des praises Sean for letting go his feelings on Natalie.


Stephanie and Clive's lunch meeting has moved from the Grange's restaurant to his room (and bed) upstairs. As Clive orders champagne, Stephanie tells him she's remembered she was supposed to meet Georgina at three o'clock, though has no idea what it was about. She phones the house but all she gets is the answerphone, and when Clive remarks it couldn't have been that important she joins him under the covers! At the reception, Dean apologises for how everything was such short notice, including not inviting everyone to the registry office. Natalie says in her speech how even though it may seem to have happened so quickly(!) she feels like she has known Dean all her life, and gives a special thanks to Sean, whom she refers to as her best friend!


Warren comes onto Lynette, telling her he's always fancied her. Lynette is annoyed and pushes Warren away, but when he continues to touch her she slaps him. It is time for Sean to make the best man's speech, and he controversially asks the question does Dean deserve a wife like Natalie? But Sean continues with how Dean and Natalie will be great together and raises a toast to the happy couple. Dean then gets the brainwave that they should all go outside and play football, and soon guests are kicking the ball about, and Natalie scores in her wedding dress. Frank arrives home to find the glass in his front door has been smashed, and finds Warren sitting inside waiting for him. Stephanie returns to the house, believing Georgina will be in a mood as it's now after four. Clive fixes them more drinks as Stephanie goes to find her.


Warren tells Frank how he was planning to trash his house, but says he worked it all out. Even after Mandy left, and Warren then having it out with his dad, he thought he would continue to respect Frank and take his advice of sticking with the football in order to make a success of his life. Frank tells him he never promised him anything, but Warren absolutely should not give it all up now, as he has got the talent to reach his dreams, he just needs to keep believing that. Stephanie knocks on Georgina's door and gets no answer. She goes in and sees Georgina lying on the bed. From downstairs Clive hears Stephanie yell for him. He goes up and Stephanie is holding Georgina on the bed, telling him to call an ambulance because she's taken an overdose.




·          The Best: Warren telling Lynette how’s he’s always fancied her, and of course the slap she gives him. You know, in the early days it was quite easy to mistake her and Mandy. They had the exact same hairstyle and voice! Georgina, who sadly was dismissed far too many times as someone who was spoilt or "had too much money to play with" when she was a very messed up young girl. You can't help but see Georgina's visits to Dean and Natalie as one last cry for help. Plus the irony that if only Stephanie had got to Georgina by three o'clock and hadn't let her down again things could have been different. Although some fairness to Stephanie, she wasn't responsible for Michael's death. In fact that very well could have been a hereditary heart condition for his father had also seemingly died young too from his talk with Lynette in 1.26.


Logic: It didn’t really matter that Natalie’s parents weren’t at the wedding, but the non-appearance of Dean (and Sean’s) parents, especially with Ken Hocknell’s long history with the club and former team mate of Frank, the excuse better had been good! Obviously the money wasn’t there for any extra actors!


·          Foreshadowing: Sean asking whether Dean deserves a wife like Natalie. In six months time the answer will be a resounding no.


Additional Info: At the alter, Dean and Natalie give their full names as Natalie Taylor Moore and Dean Liam Hocknell.


·          Soundtrack: The Cardigans: “Love Fool”,  Robbie Williams: "Angels".


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